Tuesday, April 28, 2015


When I first noticed many Ugandan youth abusing total strangers on Facebook (I was an easy target), I said to myself that the teachers in Uganda are not teaching kids manners.  Then it dawned on me that the parents might also not be doing their jobs.  I have been teaching about Social Media to my people and many have learned.

Hey parents, it is not only the teachers that have to teach the kids how to behave in the world.  You have a very big role to play and don't think that paying school fees and handing your kids off to total strangers will teach them what the kids need to learn at home.  Why do you ignore your children and assume that the world has to teach them manners?  Why do you raise brats just because you have money?  Why do you let these future leaders go out into the world and ruin their futures by abusing potential employers or even recruiters?  Why not sit your kids down and teach them about RESPECT?

The world has changed a lot and more yet to come.  You cannot allow your children to use their Made In China phones to abuse people.  When the dust settles, these kids will still need jobs which I am sure you are not providing and so others have to hire them.  A track record of your kid abusing people just because they have the internet also means that employers will not give them jobs because employers read everything about that kid on social media.  YES, teachers also have a part to play.  I would encourage all teachers to teach the kids about responsible internet use so that their students do not fall flat on their faces looking for jobs and then claiming that they get over looked and foreigners get hired.

The kid is in University and abuses a business woman or business man who owns companies in Uganda and employees people.  How dumb is that?

Mrs. Morgan hired Rebecca when she was 16yrs old and now Mrs. Morgan is going on vacation and the kid has to go to her house and her business daily to keep an eye on things.  I even had no idea but the lady talked with the kid and arranged everything with the kid.  This kid respects her employer and will not even allow me to talk to her employer.  I do not have to as the kid is ahead of me and ahead of Ugandan graduates who think the world owes them.  Same kid has to go to Florida and then France and she already told her employer about her travel dates and the employer made arrangements for her absence.  Then I see these 21-27yr olds who do not even have any dialogue with their employers and blame Museveni or complain about how their employers are not understanding. Maybe, because you do not show respect. To rub this in, the 14yr old already told her employer about the weeks when she will be away.


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