Thursday, April 16, 2015


Please note that I am not the author of this piece and the author is a youth in #Uganda. Take your time and read the issues. Thank you for following what I share with the world. Ugandan youth will teach our government what must be done. ---------------------- BARNETMUSASIZI THINKING OUT LOUD My life as a youth has been marked with a debate of unemployment and Museveni’s delusion of being the “only visionary”. There is no cause for pride in being a Ugandan but rather identification by tribe and religion. Yet this form of identity only seeks to destroy rather than unite us. Soon the political crooks will be back in our community with empty/false promises which they intend not to keep; notwithstanding they shall carry money along to grease the palm. And as fate always has it, my fellow youths shall jump on the band wagon to condemn these social evils. None shall pause to first reflect on their contribution to current poor state of affairs. To make it more clear; for every time there has been vote rigging, for every note of currency, kilo of sugar/salt/bar of soap distributed the actual tool used for the job is the “Youth”. Deep in our criticism we have embedded double standards, we have built a distorted yardstick for morality and have fallen prey for the same evils that condemn. Even with an ever increasing GDP, there are unequal systems of wealth distribution and inequitable public spending (for instance State house has a bigger budget allocation than the ministry of Agriculture, yet the ministry caters for the over 85% national population that are farmers) denying the poor people access to the recourses and assets that they require to take advantage of the opportunities created. While concentrating tax waivers, loans, free land and subsidies to investors and multi-national companies at the expense of our local industries. No where do figures ever show reduction in unemployment but rather an influx. The failure to acquire marketable skills and capabilities for lifelong learning has consigned the youth to persistent deepening poverty. Unemployment is the biggest insecurity to this country; it shall remain convenient for many to be lured into subversive activities and extremism as long as the youth are unemployed which drives them desperate to survive. It’s no longer rocket science that every generation must out of relative obscurity discover its mission, either realize it or betray it. As the youth we have the moral responsibility and reasons of collective self-interest to avert the cancerous political malaise in this country. The moral responsibility should be derived from the imperative that poverty, leadership crisis and the enormous waste of human potential through unemployment should not be tolerated in the midst of plenty. The collective self-interest should be derived from the economic considerations: as the public servants continue to break world records on the corruption index, they are stealing from us_ stealing from our present and future. As the youth we stand to benefit from a corruption free society and as such we should stop sustaining and participating in corrupt tendencies such as vote rigging, election engineered violence, distributions of vote bribing materials etc.

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