Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I have written a lot about Reading and why Reading is crucial for Uganda.  Some of you have seen my articles and I thank you for looking at them.

What we are facing is a crisis of some proportion and I do not even dare imagine how big a crisis it is. Imagine, on Job Seekers Uganda, Andrew Hyeroba​ dedicates days and nights locating jobs for Ugandans and all the jobs are merit based and then on that page, people say, "inbox me, I need a job" OR, "here is my phone, I want a job", OR, "I am a graduate with this contact me if you have a job for me".  I have had to bite my tongue on some of the responses to avoid blocking everyone who talks like this.

First of all, people need to say "Please".  AND please say Thank you" to Andrew for posting the jobs.  I know not many Ugandans who are looking for jobs like me because I try to tell them how to go about it.  However I am cool with that.  The fact of life is that no employer will go looking for you for a job in a country with 84% unemployment.  The pool of labour is huge and you are the one who should be contacting the potential employer instead of asking the person who is providing information on the jobs to contact your whatsapp to give you a job.

You people are living in a new world now.  You do the work.  We provide the information and you have to READ.  Reading will take you to many places.  Stop being so lazy and expecting the world to do things for you.  When I first met Andrew, I was surprised at his patience nothing like me at all).  The man tries very hard and all you have to do is READ.  He verifies companies before posting their jobs, do you even pay?

The new world now is that you have to Sell Yourself.  Meaning, you have to market yourself to potential recruiters and employers.  You have to have your FaceBook profile very sharp with a nice picture, truthful information of you and your skills.  You cannot assume that the employers think like Mbale where you use any picture of Arsenal or ManU instead of your own and then use Portuguese or Spanish, Greek or Italian names and then expect anyone to take you seriously.   You are killing your future before anyone even gives you a chance.  READ what I have written about Social Media Guidelines in the past.

Finally, attacking total strangers on Face Book is detrimental to your future.  The Internet keeps a record of everything you have ever commented on or posted.  Take this very seriously because people are now losing their jobs based on comments and posts of some 6yrs ago.  Never comment or post what you dare not have the whole world see on a front page of a popular news source.  You might also avoid things which could lead to your arrest.  Threatening anyone with harm or death is a big crime.

For the Love of Heaven, READ, READ and then READ some more.  All the jobs, websites, advice, education, scholarships, etc.. these things are in front of your eyes.  You are privileged to live in a time where everything is just a click on your mobile or computer.  So why do you choose to be lazy and not READ?

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