Thursday, April 30, 2015


Some of you know Karim and follow him on social media. He wrote the following for Valentin's day.  He is in his second year for a Masters degree in Makerere (paid by the Beligian Embassy in Uganda).  One would have to be sharp to get the hidden message. With God willing, he will also get another scholarship for his PhD from Belgium, Egypt or France.  When he wrote this story, not many related it to the current situation in Uganda. How many months later now we see that our own politicians will get stricken by a thunder of a kind they dare not even imagine.  To steal so much money from the donors and tax payers???  If you are not friends with Karim or you are not following him, consider to friend him and follow him.  Impeccable teacher who makes me not hate Bugisu anymore. I wept when Makerere students attacked some of our people who dared to tell them that stoning a young kid to death meant they were dumb.  Karim, in his gentle man explained a lot to me about how the Harvard of Africa works.  He should be heading the Department of Development Studies.  He is that good.  We still have exams though.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Be nice to your mother
Karim Nanyiri
3 hrs · Edited ·
Your mother in the village is using an old Nokia with a torchlight and broken screen and rubber band holding the battery and the phone together.
And your girlfriend has changed phones ten times this year. Right now she is using Galaxy Note4, and you bought her an iPhone 6 this Valentine's all from your account savings.
And you sit there singing :
Sweet Mother I will never forget you for this suffering way you suffered for me!
The thunder that will strike you is still
doing press ups.

The writer is a teacher in Uganda who is currently in graduate school for Linguistics.  Also a team mate.

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