Monday, April 13, 2015


One of my best friends and sisters  and parish sisters had seen me working day and night in our community.  Our province has this thing.  You will see below.  She nominated me and (thank you Sharon Connors) and I was on the final 10 people.  I did not get it but it was awesome.  I was up against really tough people.  My nomination was based on working with homeless shelters, ex prisoners and addicts.  So in the end, the lawyer won.  Would you rub shoulders with homeless people or prisoners?  Do we work for pay back or fame?  Sharon has known me for now 11yrs but she put in my name and it was short listed.  I will never thank her enough because I have had to cry far too much sometimes because I felt that the world did not understand, the world does not understand.  Yet, I know, I know for a fact that God is immense.  His ways are not direct and easy but He will manifest Himself when we really need Him.  Sharon leaves only up the street but she has an attitude problem, she never drives over, so I will drive over.

What stunned me about this Gala with everyone dressed to kill was the menu.  The food was unreal and I know my food very well.  The drinks were expensive.  The speaker was great (I have his book autographed if only that guy from Shediac could give it back... Fedex and KFC senior man signed my book with "Martha You are the best".  Only thing is I need that book back.".  Oh, but to listen to this man speak, it was like conversing with an angel.  You all know I love reading and writing but conversing with an angel is like talking to Thoreau or Emmerson live.  What a feeling.

Back to that thing, here is a link. Uganda, enjoy it and stop telling people I am fake.

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