Tuesday, April 7, 2015


My dearest father,

Papa, mulembe naabi.

In 2013 when I first got into contact with #Uganda on Face Book, I thought you were a very bad man.  You should see what people say about you online.  Now I have learned about Uganda and I continue to learn.  You are not a bad man at all and you are not a dictator.  When a house is on fire, someone has to stop the burning.  You have done a phenomenal job of putting out the fires.

Mzee, please accept my appology for not realising what a great man you are.  Did you know that in our culture when one loses a father, the elder becomes the father?  This is how you became my father.  My own died in Bududa Hospital because there was no medicine and I could not take him to Mbale Hospital because the road was in terrible shape.  So I decided to love you the way I loved my own father.  You know him too.

Mzee, I have read what you write and listened to what you say.  You are right on pretty well everything.
1) Uganda is full of thieves
2) There is poor service delivery
3) You get idiots for MPs that the people vote into power
4) People waste too much time on funerals and I support you on having funerals only on weekends
5) Ugandans are sleeping. Why do they sleep so much?  They hate reading and writing so believe me, many will not even read this letter to you.
6) Women and Girls are powerful and need to be educated.  Damn parents refuse to send them to good schools though.  I wonder if you could find a way to talk to those parents to send their kids to Namagunga or Nabbingo or even Gayaa.  Buddo and Namasagali, Kisubi are also options. Given all the wealth of Uganda, they could also send their kids to UK, USA and Canada.  I do not understand these parents who do not want to sacrifice for the future of their kids.
7) All the people who own land on which there are minerals will lose their land to investors.  I agree with you on this one 100%.  If our people are sleeping, how in the world could they mine these precious minerals or even talk to investors?
8) Something bad in education.  You agreed to pay for UPE and USE but the parents of the kids did not play their part.  They do not even give their kids lunch daily.  This is beyond me.  A lunch? What is that? Sh. 10,000 weekly and these jokers do not know that education costs a lot more.  Perhaps they should not have sold off their lands and ended up with no places to grow food.

Mzee, I am telling you, you are fighting a big battle.  Thank you for liberating us from our poverty, hunger, sickness, semi-education and we are here now to read and learn so that we can make you proud for having saved our country from total collapse.  PS: you should write back one day.  Dan Nangalama used to write to me weekly but you are a lousy replacement.  You never write back and I miss reading from you.

All my love,
For God and My Country
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
BELIEVE! I wept because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet." Ancient Persian saying  I am a Social Justice and Human Rights Activist. Find me on Face Book.  All my opinions are mine and do not reflect on any employer or organisation. 
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