Friday, April 10, 2015

Mbarara Iron Bar Hit-men Netted = #Uganda is full of hit men. You only need money.

I am very sorry to say this (tongue in cheek) but you went on national media and claimed that boda bodas cause deaths and accidents in UG. I am a victim of these boda bodas but for you to actually claim that their entire group terrorize the country?  Tell you what, how about you put for us functioning commuter buses and trains which are not constantly stopped by, sijui, what do we call those people, KCCA or URA, never mind.. but seriously, you are killing off the country and the country will retaliate.  Rely on everyone to lie to you.  I have no axe to grind.  My income has never come from Uganda and never will. NEVER mind.  This does not matter at all because you have chased the street vendors out of the city (when you kill a baby Ryan to show us that now starving mother can sell fruits on the streets of Kampala and we shall kill your baby to prove it, we know and we learn), then you have demolished, schools, vendor stalls, etc.. we learn.  You have told the world that WHO was wrong to say our water was infected with feaces because the feaces are inserted in the water taps at each residence.  You have told us that all structures not authorized by KCCA and land laws are illegal.  You have also told us that the Lord Mayor (someone I do not even know by the way but was elected) is not good enough for Kampala.  You have told us much.  Do you want me to tell you what I think of all this?  I think you have made many many mistakes but since I am not even a Ugandan citizen, deal with your people.  It is just a matter of time.  Those who refuse to read and remember history will pay the price.  I wish you all the best Musisi, Museveni and Lord Mayor.
Police in Mbarara are holding two men alleged to have hacked bodaboda riders at night.

Kamuhebwa Ronald 20yrs, a resident of Rubare Ntungamo and Busigye Haruna, a resident of Katete Mbarara were netted after assaulting a bodaboda cyclist and taking off with motorcycle

David Kasigambi the victim said he was ambushed, terribly beaten and hacked by the iron bar wielding men on his way to Kyera Birere Isingiro.

David conducts his work from holly innocent stage Nyamitanga in Mbarara where he picked a passenger to Isingiro.

He says he was ambushed and severely beaten and his motorcycle taken, before it was intercepted by police. The assailants also reportedly raped the female passenger David was transporting and she is carried hospitalized at Mbarara Referral Hospital.

The goons were tracked and arrested this morning at their home in Katete Mbarara according to police. However OC police station Jaffar Magyezi said the gang is still out there, and police is working round the clock to bring it all down.

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