Friday, April 17, 2015


This is not my writing at all. I do not write on that blog and my writing style is very different but so that the world knows what is going on in The Pearl of Africa. May David Ojok rest in peace and hopefully MUK will use this as a lesson to rid itself of bad apples so that the reputation of that Ivory Tower can be protected. ------------------- Friday, 17 April 2015 COLD BLOODED MURDER AT UNIVERSITY - FRUITS OF ANTI-TERRORISM VIGILANCE Anti-terrorism vigilance A few weeks ago a Prosecutor was shot dead in Kampala by suspected 'humane terrorists'. Humane terrorists because they spared the victim's three children who had been together with her at the time of the shooting and all the circumstantial evidence shows that the killer had no intention of killing the children. Terrorists are re-known for killing indiscriminately so as to cause as much pain and scare as possible; that is why they even blow up themselves. That incident sparked off a Police-led nationwide public campaign to counter terrorism. The Inspector General of Police (IGP) personally assumed the role of Police Spokesperson on terrorism matters. After the initial wide coverage by local and international media houses linking the killing to Al-shabaab, the IGP later exonerated and has since linked the murder to 'organized crime' - what ever that means! Following the terror attack on a university in Garisa Kenya, the IGP organised Makerere University Students for inter-religious prayers to pray for victims of the Garisa attack. It was followed by a solidarity march from the university campus through the city to the Kenya High Commission in Kampala. After the march, the IGP organised and addressed a security forum at Makerere University Main Hall. During the event he emphasized popular vigilance among the student community. He told the students that: "you are high targets because terrorists always want to hit where it hurts". During the same function, the Deputy Vice Chancellor hailed the IGP for enhancing security es measurat the university and strengthening security committees. The Guild President called upon the students to be vigilant adding that security is their responsibility thus: "as leaders we will do our part by inviting security experts to do sensitization on security. Throughout his crusade, the IGP is urging the public to be cautious with strangers, watch one other (spy) and fight crime. Since the sensitization is ill-motivated, the message has been vaguely received by the public thus its effects are devastating. Vigilance results into cold blooded murder Amidst terror tension among the student community and the general public, on 12th April 2015 students of Nkurumah Hall of residence beat to death David Ojok. He had graduated from the same university four years ago with a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. After graduating he set up a computer workshop and a stationery shop in the neighboring suburb for which students of the same university had been her clients. On the fateful evening, he had gone to Nkurumah Hall to demand for his 500,000 shillings debt from one of the students. When he was sighted knocking on doors while looking for that student who owed him the said money, the students raised an alarm; "thief" and he was lynched to death. The Police reluctantly picked the Hall Chairman but the matter will be swept under the carpet because that what the much advocated for 'anti-terrorism vigilance' is all about. We are yet to see more of such incidents as the NAZI Gestapo form of security management takes root among unsuspecting Ugandans. INFORMATION IS POWER

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