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I wrote about this in the past and believe me or not, #Uganda is going to face some serious problems in every sector.  The world has become very competitive.  You will be facing kids who know how to move around the Internet like you have no idea.  Uganda is not even investing in school supplies while most of the world puts their students on the internet.  Uganda does not even pay their teachers for months.  Only the rich get a great education.  Yet the masses must compete with the kids of the rich families on national exams and even when it comes to jobs, the majority cannot get those jobs.  Online learning will take care of this for those who can afford it and believe me, given the money parents are investing to send their kids to school, they will embrace this new form of learning.

I have a living example.  One of our kids has taken online courses.  The teachers were superb.  They hold live classes via the internet.  The kids do the homework and submit it. The teacher reviews it.  Once a week, the, the teachers skype with their students to touch base.  When Becky was taking Latin online, she had to talk to the teacher weekly for pronunciation and diction.  That is when I saw the power of online education.  Many kids in her school take advanced subjects online because her school provides such options.

What I have found intriguing about Uganda is the fact that rich or poor, they all end up in the same Universities.  Unless you can fly your kid to USA, UK, Canada, Russia, China, India, etc..  Once these kids return home, they still have to work with their colleagues who have a hard time with communication in the national language (English). Apparently the norm is now to hire foreigners over Ugandans.  I have problems with this one big time. However, I also do not blame people for hiring foreigners.  Have you seen how our kids write?  Go on Facebook and you will see.  The horror of the atrocious writing still stuns me.

I recently learned that one part of history is going to be abolished.  The one that teaches about European History (French Revolution). Oh my!  How dumb do we want the kids to be now? On the other side, I am contented that you are teaching Patriotism mandatory.  This is good for the whole country.

When that fake company Shell and Bolton advertised for jobs but only for foreigners, Ugandans were furious about it.  They still did not arrest or imprison the Ugandan people who were on the Board of Directors.  Recently we have read about Africel which fired 59 Ugandans and replaced them with Lebanese people (who only speak Arabic and French so they also had to hire translators).

The problem that Ugandans do not realise is that a poor work ethic and the refusal to communicate clearly in the International Language of Commerce will cost the country jobs.  Sure, one needs a translator but when people cannot even express themselves in their own language, what choice are you left with?  I would personally prefer to hire a non English speaking person who has brilliant ideas and is willing to work and then hire someone to translate for me.  Luckily, I understand French but not Lebanese.

Your unemployment situation in Uganda is not about to get better.  It will hurt because it will become worse.  Any job can be done off shore or with foreigners brought into the country.  If you have not noticed it by now, then enjoy your sleep.

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