Thursday, April 30, 2015


I just changed my cover page to a picture of my elders dancing naked to protest the land grabbing in Uganda.  Yes, I am aware that this picture is going to be global. Tell me exactly how else we are supposed to fight having our lands taken away and facing live bullets, beatings and tear gas.  You people have no idea what the world will think of such things.  The fact is our kids will ask one day why we did not stop the insanity.  I hope you as a parent will have an answer.  Mine will understand that I tried.  Did you try? Did you play your part?  Can you face your kids and tell them that in your life you fought for justice?  Think about it. I have watched some spinners in the Uganda media try to say that our elders were inebriated and possessed.  Seriously, what do you think is going on in Parliament and State House.  Our elders used the last weapon they have before we go to war.  No one wants a war.  You just cannot plain kick people off their lands and when they talk, you claim that nudity is a crime of some sort.... as if you were even born with clothes.  Come to think about it, I should be in Uganda since I hate clothes.  Shaaaaa don't wait for those pics.  When a grandmother, mother, auntie or any elder undresses in front of you, it is the biggest curse of your life.  I now declare that NRM and the representatives have been cursed.  Even Mama Fina is sending someone to Europe for medical treatment and you people think you can trash our elders... now on the global networks.  WAS it worth it?

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