Monday, April 20, 2015


This is not my writing.  It is a piece from the author whom you will find at the bottom of this as posted exactly on his Face Book Time Line.  The events unfolding in #Uganda with frequent land evictions, guns and bullets, tear gas, the military / army, what a horror for our people.  The laterst Apaa / Amuru attempted land eviction where women undressed and now the whole world has seen and knows, it has a history.  Read below for that history.  Thank you.
I have been following comments about Apaa incident. Some people think it's leaders who incited the community. I would like to let you know the following:-
. The only elected leader who was controlling community at that time was the chairman NRM.
.There is no any telephone net work in that place whereby some one can communicate easily
. People mobilized themselves and unfortunate part of it is that no one is talking about why they mobilized that way.Allow me mention reasons they reacted in that manner
- In 2012 February govt brought trucks of Security personnel in Apaa commanded by Ass IGP Grace Turagumanawe.
- they chased away pupils of Apaa p/s and occupied the school as there military base,they used school desks as firewood
- they forcefully evicted people using military trucks dumping them on the street of Pabo and told them to look for another land that time
- thousand of huts were burnt down completely,pregnant mothers,children,elderly women n men,spent nights in coldness ( unfortunately we lost two kids at that time as the result of sleeping in coldness RIP)
- Security men looted people's animals,food crops and many properties
- We took Govt to court,an injunction was issued by the High court of Gulu restraining any activities in Apaa until the main suit is disposed.But govt refused to respect court decision
- 25 youth were arrested and taken to Adjumani prison,they were beaten seriously after there released one boy died RIP
- During the eviction exercise Ass IGP ordered for the killing of a boy called Olanya Patrick where he was shot dead in the middle of the trading center where everyone was looking at.( that kind of killing was witnessed during Amin's time and Apaa in Acholi land)
. In the risen incident,hundreds of security personnel were taken to Apaa by so many trucks in the similar manner
. We all traveled together with those ministers I was accompanied by Hon Oto Odonga
. People sat down and later they all started crying at once after few minutes we saw some women emotionally undressing
. Later many visitors joined them crying including some ministers' escorts who come from Acholi land after looking at the plight of the suffering people.
It's unfortunate that people are not talking about what triggered those women to behave the way they acted. It's difficult to control ones emotion,others show there emotion by killing,others by fighting,others by tearing there clothes,others by undressing etc.
Now following all those events u can ask uself if it was u what would u do? Our people were so polite they over 10.000 people sat down silently but telling the ministers that the land is ours no more eviction,we were born here,we grew up here and we shall die here!!! Using polite signal
Please understand the situation in Acholi,as per now they are framing me that am training rebels at Apaa,I suspect they may charge me for treason But that will never discourage Acholi leaders from defending Acholi land.God Bless Land and Northern Uganda.
By Olanya Gilbert
Parliament of #Uganda
Independent MP

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