Monday, April 27, 2015


How many of you take your car to the garage and hand over your car keys (which also have your house key)? And usually most of us leave the car ownership in the car.  That ownership has your address and then you leave the car keys with all this information at the garage.  Your mechanic and employees might know you very well.  Certainly, in our case, our mechanic knows where we live and we have no issues with that as we live in a very small community.  But think about this.  You are in Toronto where a garage has some 100 employees and now you just gave them access into your house one way or the other.

People, I cannot emphasize this enough.  Take your ownership and insurance out of the car before you leave it at the shop.  Take only the car key and leave it at the shop.  Take the rest with you. OR else, you will be robbed.  Uganda would love to have all your papers in the car with the keys to your house and your ownership and insurance papers.  I watched this one on one TV show back when I used to watch TV.  Do not make it so easy to get robbed.

Scoudouc is a very small community and we all know each other from the person who changes your oil, rings your groceries through and services your car.  Toronto was a different playing field.  In this place, neighbours watch out for each other to the point where if they see a strange car pulling into your drive way, they call you immediately to check on you.  In big cities, you do not have that option.  In Uganda, you do not have that option.  Being careful does not mean that you distrust people, it just means that you are watching your back.  Always have a spare key for the mechanic which does not include your house key and never leave your car ownership papers with the garage.  I do with mine but it is because they are neighbours and will be the first people to run to our rescue should anything happen.

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