Thursday, April 30, 2015


After a long day of hard work picking up coffee, fetching water, fire wood and matooke, our brothers were taunting us.  We did everything to ignore them as all girls in Bugisu are taught.  I have no idea what they were thinking because mzee used to come to #Uganda only 2 weeks per year (hey, he was absent but those 2 weeks were filled with IMPACT.  It is not the quantity, it is the quality).  So him watching all the girls complaining about the boys, he decided to run a village competition.  We are all kind of competitive in one way or the other.

The boys were really behaving badly and he had to teach them a lesson.  So he brought out the rope.  One side is all the girls.  The other side is all the boys.  He counts and when he whistles, either side has to pull the rope to make the other side come tumbling.

That is when I first learned about female power.  I watched one of my cousins demand to go to the front of the rope of our line.  She flattered her eyes and all the boys on the other side dropped their concentration.  The girls won.  The rest is history.  Never mess around with a woman's face or you will lose. the end.

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