Friday, April 10, 2015


Please ditch that label of Nkuba Kyeyo to get us started.

What I found shocking was when I first read about this label.  Most of the Ugandans you let leave Uganda do not sweep streets. You can continue to believe this about all of us and we are used to it (I had never heard it though till 2015, yes, imagine that, so it came as a shock).

Most of the people you have let out of Ugandans are Professionals.  Read that again.  Professionals in the countries where they live.  They are managers, administrators, doctors, lawyers, bankers, investment advisors, professors, etc.  Sure, we have some who do manual work but in the countries outside of #Uganda, we do not consider this work as belittling.  These people also do the work that we very much need.  The minimum wages outside of Uganda are high enough for us to pay for education for our siblings, medical care for our elders, food, etc..  So when you think that our sweeping the streets is something you can laugh at, you make a very big mistake.

I have learned in the last year or so that some people who are abroad return home and brag about their lives. Incidentally, we have had many murders of such people who are targeted for their money.  I was unware that some people abroad return home with money.  In my case, buying the airline ticket blew my bank account to zero so whenever I come home, my family in #Uganda has to pay for everything.  I am not really good for hitting for money because I am eternally broke.  I fail to understand the other Ugandans who show up with money and brag.  Did they pay for their relatives to go to school or build them houses or get them started in business?  If they did this, they would be broker than church mice.

My biggest concern with Uganda is how people think and many will do so, that if you come from Bulaya, you have a lot of money and you can give it away when cornered.  I have said this many many times.  Never travel with money.  You can do anything to me or my family and my bank will never release any money no matter if I am dead or alive.  None of the family members will go to the bank to take any money to save my life.  The Canadian government will never pay any ransom. So in reality, the best thing is for all Ugandans travelling home to never take cash.  You can make arrangements to get basic cash but talk to your bank before you travel so that if you ever contact for any amount, you or under threat, they will not release it.  I make mine only $25 a day when I travel.  Sounds very small but I only travel where my friends and family pay all my expenses.

I cannot emphasize this enough for Ugandans in Diaspora.  Stop carrying money and showing off.  You put your lives in danger. I have had to beg my relatives and friends to pay for my taxi and food when I am in Uganda and I am not ashamed of it.  However, were I to travel or carry money or have access to money, I would not know what would happen.  Yes, I am always broke.  Welcome to life.  Many will lie to you and give you glory stories but you can count on me to tell you only my life experiences.  Never ever have access to money when you travel to Uganda, it is dangerous.  Recently when I was in #Uganda, I had to ask my cousin to pay for 2 samosa for me.  Yes, I was that broke.  My $25 daily withdrawal had been used up.  Funny, my big cousin did not even think twice about it.  Just paid for the samosas on condition that we reheated them when we got home.  You did not know about my being home?  Well it is called None Of Your Business.

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