Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Our people are hungry. Far too many go days with no food.  We have no medicine in our hospitals and no equipment for the medical professions to work with.  We have many salaries we have not paid (and they are rather pathetic to boot).  We have kids learning under trees and some writing in the dirt with sticks.  Our roads, oh, you should see some of our roads.  Our own capital city Kampala floods and looks like Venice where we need canoes and gondolas.  Our roads, good luck if you do not die on them, although the ones to Kigezi area are like Switzerland.

We have jiggers.. yes, you heard this one right.  We have lands being taken away from our people by "Investors" who apparently can flip chapatis better than local Ugandans.

We have Oil.. hallelujah,, sauf, well, the economic and policy analysts were a bit wrong on this one.  No refinery, no pipeline, no oil.  You can always get it, put it in jericans and load it on trucks and sell it wherever you wish but the real investors are waiting for when you pump it out and sell barrel by barrel on a known merchantile exchange. I had read somewhere that the refinery would be in place 2015, 2017, 2017, 2020 and one strange article said it would not be in place till much later.  Did you know that you cannot sell oil till you have a refinery and would sell much more till you have a pipeline?  Call me confused but generally that is how Oil flows.

Back to the elections.  Uganda is one strange country.  They release sh. 10 billion to the political parties (biggest beneficiary is my uncle) and the next day they say they have no money to hold elections.  On this one, you cannot call me confused.  Why are you sending mixed signals to the world?  You give money away and then say you are broke?

Whatever makes you happy.  Your people are awake now (well, it is time to get up and go digging or hustling) so do not blame me.

I have just one last suggestion though.  You know that sh. 169 billion that vanished from NSSF, if you could trace it to the last shilling, it could help pay for the elections.  Just an idea okay.  Never shoot the messenger.

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