Monday, April 13, 2015


What donors and countries can give money to a country which cannot account for the money you give them?  These guys must have an agenda I have not so far understood.  Some 430 million Euros vanished and was intended for the Healthcare in #Uganda and no one demanded for it?  We have people dying daily due to lack of health care and no donor demands for answers?  We even have mothers delivering babies in forests and some on concrete cement floors and no donor asks why?  Do these donors have any brains?  Where is your money going?

Then you continue to give money to a country which does not even have basic medication in the useless hospitals for anyone?  And then you praise us for being development, peace and security?  The thunder which will strike you will make the heavens tremble.  What kind of fools are you?  The minute you refused to demand for total and full accountability for that 430 million Euros is the minute you signed yourselves up for future contributions un accounted for.  Come on, I am not even an accountant but that money is an exorbitant sum.  I now watch some of you trying to trace some $1 million.  For what?  We stole a whole 430 million euros from you and we set a precedent.  We can now take anything from you and not account for it. Oh yeah, it is the British Law system playing here. Go ahead, send us some more money and we have no obligation to account for it.  If we passed a test of not accounting to the Global Fund for 430 million Euros, who the hell are you to ask questions?

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