Thursday, April 16, 2015


Conversation started April 6 Denis Mark 4/6, 5:55pm Denis Mark Hi thkx for the aprove Martha Leah Zesaguli 4/6, 5:56pm Martha Leah Zesaguli Yes Denis Mark 4/6, 5:58pm Denis Mark Hw au and hw is canada Martha Leah Zesaguli 4/6, 6:00pm Martha Leah Zesaguli Canada is great and of course I am cuter than last week. So you do know that people do not inbox me to say hi dia. People inbox me for education, employment, immigration and business advice. I do not waste time on how r u? Thanks. Denis Mark 4/6, 6:02pm Denis Mark Can you get for me ajob in Canada Martha Leah Zesaguli 4/6, 6:03pm Martha Leah Zesaguli I do not hire or employ. I run projects and only prefer Engineers. If your degree has the word Engineer in it, then let us talk. Denis Mark 4/6, 6:04pm Denis Mark Am jst a drive Martha Leah Zesaguli 4/6, 6:05pm Martha Leah Zesaguli Canada only takes in people with solid degrees in sciences. Sorry buddy. Cannot help you. Denis Mark 4/6, 6:06pm Denis Mark Ok thkx Thursday Denis Mark 4/16, 5:11pm Denis Mark Hello Martha Leah Zesaguli 5:12pm Martha Leah Zesaguli Yes? Denis Mark 4/16, 5:16pm Denis Mark Long tym Martha Leah Zesaguli 4/16, 5:22pm Martha Leah Zesaguli Long time for what? I know for a fact that I did not miss you and neither do I remember you. What is the purpose for which you are inboxing me today? Denis Mark 4/16, 5:24pm Denis Mark Sorry for trying to be yo frnd Martha Leah Zesaguli 4/16, 5:26pm Martha Leah Zesaguli Whoever told you that I was looking for friends lied to you. I have many friends. My role for Uganda is to inform and educate. Never mistake it for me trying to find a friend. It is very important that your realise that some people are on social media for hard work, not friend finding. Good bye. I will not block you as I share news and education for Uganda but do not tell me you are trying to be my friend. Thanks. Bye. Denis Mark 4/16, 5:30pm Denis Mark Bt au augandan Martha Leah Zesaguli 4/16, 5:30pm Martha Leah Zesaguli AND that means what? Denis Mark 5:33pm Denis Mark Ugandans don.t behave like that we welcome people from any where thkx Martha Leah Zesaguli 5:34pm Martha Leah Zesaguli Then I guess I am not Ugandan. AND exactly what was the original reason you contacted me with anyway? You can try to go get a job and stop annoying me. Denis Mark 4/16, 5:35pm Denis Mark Hw old au Martha Leah Zesaguli 5:36pm Martha Leah Zesaguli How much money do you have? In billions then I will tell you what I can legally do with how old I am. Let me run a check on you to find out who is paying you to be a pain in my inbox. One moment please. I have seen far too many of you idiots all over face book hunting or annoying. But I guess you had no idea that the hunted can also hunt. Denis Mark 5:37pm Denis Mark Don.t u c u have on manas Martha Leah Zesaguli 5:39pm Martha Leah Zesaguli Which manners? Show me the time when I bounced into your inbox all bored and looking for silly talk? Show me? You are going down. I have lost my patience. It is going global. Let me write up our entire conversation on Google so that all you idiotic bored Ugandans can learn to stop annoying people. THAT is Manners. Denis Mark 4/16, 5:43pm Denis Mark Very very stupid Martha Leah Zesaguli 5:44pm Martha Leah Zesaguli Wonderful. You just gave me the signal. Denis Mark 4/16, 5:44pm Denis Mark State up

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