Sunday, April 12, 2015


This is the 4th year that Mini and Bella have to work on a project together about Canadian Heritage.  The first time I watched them work on this was an eye opener and they were 10yrs of age.  So they diligently did their research, drawings, wording, posters, etc..  Then I hear them talk about logistics.

What if your mom cannot drive us?
Then my dad will drive us.
What if one car breaks down?
It is not possible that all the cars can break down.
So what time do we leave to be there on time?
As early as possible.
What if we do not make it back on time to pick up our siblings?
Then the parent who did not drive us will pick up the others.

The location for the provincial presentations is about 1.5hrs of driving away from Shediac.  Just think about this.  Kids of 10ys old are planning logistics and then some of us grown ups do not even stop to have Plan A and Plan B or a contingency plan.  Notice how they also worried about their siblings being picked up.   MUK graduates could learn from kids.

Both girls attend Shediac Cape School in Canada.

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