Tuesday, April 14, 2015


You all know that some of our kids are pale looking (mixed white and black).  This one time when we flew home, we are in Mbale Taxi park trying to get onto a Bududa / Bulecheke matatu to take us to Bududa.

Imagine my shock when some woman walks up to me and asks me how I got my job.  I asked which job. She tells me the job of looking after that little girl (Becky was about 2-3yrs old and Mini was in my belly).  I said I had not gotten a job, she was my daughter.

Mama, in a taxi park the woman starts yelling at me mbu "you mwe, temwagala kutuyamba, emilimu nga jibuze. nawe tosobola kutuyamba naffe tufinee emilu egyo,, shaa aka kana tekali kaawe". And what was even worse, the people around are joining in to laugh and encourage her on.  That is the first time I saw my twin brother losing his cool in public.

But now that I think about it, in Paris I was also pulled aside for having maybe been in the process of stealing a baby.  France had gone through some spates of Africans flying in and then taking their babies away.  The only thing is I was flying back to Canada but this kid looked white.  Her father was on another plane and they had to locate the plane and get him to confirm that Rebecca Lefranc was indeed the daughter of Martha Nangalama. The things I have seen, you have no idea.

In Toronto, for playing in the park, people used to walk up to me and ask me which nanny agency I had used to get the job.  AND the kid would be yelling "mommy, mommy, push me up again, this swing is so much fun".

If you think that being a black person with a non black kid is easy, think again.  The kids who are born in the winters have a very pale complexion and if you are black, you might likely end up suspsected of stealing the baby or being a nanny to that baby. But the girls know and tell everyone and all very clearly.  The forces advised me to always write a letter signed by their father with a piece of ID to authorize me traveling with them.  I do the same.  Canada is not a bad country, we have our problems but the last thing they want to deal with is International Kidnapping of kids by parents from other countries.  So this is a security measure when I  think about it now. They are bigger now and can explain a lot but when they are babies, explaining that it is my mommy or I am not being kidnapped is not so easy.

The moral of the story is if you are travelling with kids whose other parent is not with you, ensure that you have documents to show that you have not kidnapped the kids.  Kids are kidnapped and trafficked and you do not want to end up in a situation where you are being questioned while your child is in the other room crying for you.

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