Monday, April 27, 2015

CEOs and Senior Management in #Uganda are Overpaid - till you read more.

I understand that the salaries do not make sense in #Uganda for CEOs but if you took things into perspective, you would realize that your CEOs are not really well paid compared to the world.  Most have qualifications and experience which can pay them many multiples of what they earn in Uganda right now.  For example, the best ones are being paid $500,000 a year.  Turns out that this is actually a salary for someone who reports to the CEO in most countries.  YES, I feel the pain for the money which is flying out of the window but the CEO of MTN being paid $500,000 a year in salary is nothing compared to the CEO of Rogers being paid $40 million a year.  The population of Canada is about the same as the population of Uganda.  the number of key competitors are about the same.  So we cry fowl over $500,000 when the other country pays someone $40 million?  Time to put things into perspective here people.

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