Thursday, April 30, 2015


The people who know me know that I never ever apologize for anything.  I have an inferiority complex but it is not a very good one.

I had never heard of this one cardioligst till 2015.  It is not because I do not read.  I was working on some things to help my people to become independent and stop saying TGE.  What I have found over the last 2- 3 months is that the man is a lethal criminal.  One needs a brain to be him.

He has murdered 7 people in 6 months in Uganda but has not even flown into the country during that period.  I love geniuses so this proves how the man can fire bullets from Australia to Uganda and murder people.
We have the thing about the murder (just call it Execution, you cannot be that stupid) of his wife.  So the man actually murdered his wife while he was in Australia and the wife was in Uganda?  I love the "Science of Deduction".  The big property kinda of got taken by an "investor" (I hate to think chapati and sumbusa sellers in Kampala can do a better job than my cooking).  What bothers me about this murder is the fact that I cannot find any information about that woman (RIP Robinah).  No damn thing.  Given that she was working on corruption, how is it possible that we have no report of her death except her husband murdering her from some 3 flights away from Uganda.  Hey, stop being so naive.  My ex husband would never murder me.  For one thing, that is always the first suspect.  For another thing, how do you explain such a thing to the kids?  AND then, I am rather cute.  There is no way in hell Aggrey Kiyingi murdered the mother of his kids.  No way.  I know Ugandans like to hear the worst but I can assure you that if you think or even imagine that Kiyingi murdered his wife, then you are not paying attention.  AND if you are not paying attention, you are not angry enough.

My theory on why Aggrey Kiyingi is now a terrorist is because he thinks he can change Uganda.  No idea what that brother is thinking.  Does he even know that military service is being introduced for the entire country?  AND Ugandans do not even see this as an issue.  Does this man know that the Secondary School is now going to be cut down to half day as the kids learn too much.  All the arts and humanities face elimination.  European History is apparently getting phased out.  When you think about this, no one really needs kids who can reason and ask questions and my gosh, the whole French Revolution is not right for Uganda, a country which got PEACE and SLEEP.

When you suffocate voices of dissent in a public forum which you can attend, you end up with what I just wrote above.  You end up with people finding ways out of your interlocking chocking siege on freedom of speech.  I wonder how that worked out for Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Borkina Faso, DRC and now Burundi.  Your decision to shut off communication and dissent will cost you a lot.  Strong leaders listen to the voices of dissent as that tells them what they might not be doing right for their country.  ONLY THE WEAK and SELFISH leaders dare not confront the problems of their people.  Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom,

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