Monday, April 20, 2015


The 30 Christians who were executed (article says 28 but media says 30) were all migrant workers who had gone out to forge an income to help their families.  YES, Isis is a horror terror machine but we must put the blame on our leaders who steal every penny of donor money and tax payer money and then our people are left impoverished to seek greener pastures elsewhere. Many of us who got out of these deplorable circumstances have a tendency to ask why others do not get out.  I can assure you that this is arrogant to think so.  In my year of getting out, only 3 kids got out. We must find a way to help our people to stay at home and earn a decent living to look after their families.  We do not have a choice.  Xenophobia is a good lesson.  It will cost you a lot more to repatriate us than to have kept us at home. I know how much it will cost Canada to bring me back home. Do you know how much it will cost you to bring back every Ugandan?  I did not think so.

Ethiopian government spokesperson Redwan Hussien said the country will observe three days of national mourning for 28 Ethiopian Christians killed by Islamic State militants in Libya and three of its nationals killed in South Africa following wave of xenophobic attack against African migrant workers.

The national parliament will convey tomorrow morning to commence the mourning period during which flags will fly at half mast.

A video released by the Islamic State group on Sunday April 19th appears to show the killing of two different groups of captured Ethiopian Christians by the extremist group’s Libyan affiliates.

The 29-minute online video purports to show militants holding two groups of captives. It says one group is held by an IS affiliate in eastern Libya known as Barka Province and the other by an affiliate in the south calling itself the Fazzan Province, AP reported yesterday.

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