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  • Karim Nanyiri Njiwe Henry and Jimmy Waca Olwol just last semester I was hit by an unknown object at MUK and I still nurse a dislocation on one of my fingers. I tried to stop some lumpens from beating up a suspect and that's what I earned in the process. 

    Some students at the Ivory Tower are just too chaotic. Mob justice is bad. But again for one to attack the institution individually for the heinous acts purportedly carried out by a few heartless and callous humans in the name of students is not justified. It's utterly illogical. Makerere University is bigger than its individual students. If one is not an alumni of the institution individually this shouldn't make them loathe the institution with passion.

    All said Makerere University will continue being the Harvard of Uganda and beyond but this can only be consolidated if the students there change the status quo for the better. 

    Within Makerere itself there are places of worship including a mosque and a cathedral that are always doing their best to instil and inculcate a sense of value for life and love for one another and as such there are souls that can never even manage to kill a fly at the institution as they treasure life and fear the Lord all their times. 

    I agree there's a lot of theft of especially electronic gadgets around this time of the semester like laptops but then the security on the campus is wanting as every clod can access the Makerere Halls and faculties with too much ease. 

    It's a pity Ojok's life was taken in such a stupid manner in the hands of carriers of mob justice. You know in Uganda a suspect is a criminal until proven innocent. But Ojok's innocence was realised too late. Let's also look at the time setting of the crime at the scene of murder! All the ugly incidents I'm told happened at night. At that time the occupants of the hall didn't have enough lights in their heads to cross examine the suspect say asking to know his particulars and reason for the night visit. Only if they saw Ojok's MUK identity card in time I bet this shouldn't have happened. But then you cannot keep on carrying your former institution's student ID all the time with you. Let's be security sensitive and conscious all the time.

    Finally, construction of a high raised perimeter wall fence all round Makerere University could go a long way in ensuring proper management of security at the gates besides establishing a more reliable and well funded 24/7 Police post / army detach within campus. 

    Not until this is done shall there be total security and value for life at Makerere.
  • ------------- My brother Karim, thank you for your message.  SILENCE IS CONSENT.  The day you sanction for a murder of any human being is the day your sign away our own life.  What is stunning is you now actually talk about the real issues at MUK.  Others have praised it and tried to brush off this death.  This is why you are one of the most intelligent people I have ever met.  You reason.  There was no excuse whatsover to stone a young man to death and come on Social Media and brag about it.  You and I have gone through Social Media Guidelines but heck, MUK would not even want to teach these.  I will strongly suggest that they teach the guidelines in every department.  The university just lost its image because of a non necessary killing that the killers bragged about on Social Media.  You have my Press Number, dial me up anytime.   This is so devastating I will even customize a course for them.
  • http://nangalama.blogspot.ca/2015/04/a-message-from-current-makerere.html

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