Friday, March 20, 2015


Since 2013, I have been telling #Ugandans not to abuse total strangers on FaceBook and in fact telling them never to abuse anyone.  For 2yrs now, I have been writing about scholarships and education out of Uganda.  I have been mocked and abused and some people even posted that I had never left Bududa and if I wanted to see a plane take off, they would buy me bus fare to travel from Mbale to Entebbe. Little did they know that our Sunday excursions were always at the airport for us to see planes take off.

The UWC (United World Colleges) full scholarships interviews and scholarships are over.  For Uganda and many of you will remember that I was posting about the applications and other information.  I made it very clear that I was on that committee.

Guess what, I was not in Uganda to participate in the interviews and selections. Never abuse anyone on the internet.  Guess who was there, my twin sister. Do yourself a favour, never ever abuse anyone on the internet because you do not know them.  Had I told people in Uganda in 2013 that I was one of the Uganda UWC Committee , I would not have learned about the insanity in the country.  I had to suffer all your abuses to understand the country I am working with.

Next time beware.

For God and My Country
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