Friday, March 20, 2015


I have spent a lot of time talking about reading.  Let us talk about writing.

Write as if your life depends on it.  Write about anything and everything that comes to mind.  I have always been a shy person but imagine how much I now write.  The thing with writing, it is liberating.  If you have access to full internet, create your own blog and write about anything.  Blogging is a lot of fun.  Some times, once you have  large following, you will be approached for ads on your blog. I decline all offers because I do not write for money.  I write for my people.

Half of my friends have blogs on wordpress.  I am a Google brat so mine is on blogpost because I want to go wherever Google goes. It does not matter which one you choose. You want to write your ideas so that the world can know.  To write and blog, you have to be prepared to share some of your life.  Many bloggers get away with not talking about their lives.  I am the kind that writes about real life experiences so being anonymous does not work and all of you who have read articles on my blog can actually see that I am human and I write about life or I share articles which are in media.

It is a balancing act to choose what to tell the world and what not to tell the world.  However, if you think about it, my information has been on the internet for more than 10yrs so would this be the time to hide my identity?  Which saved me from cyber bullying in February 2015 when my identity was stolen and some punk set up fake accounts using my information.  People who had known me for years noticed that some things were not adding up.  I thank them all.

You want to go on the internet, be prepared to bear your soul and life out.  Believe me even if you do not want your life to be talked about, it will happen when you least expect it.  You will be found wherever you are via anything you have ever done on the internet.  You might want to know that those apps on the phones in Uganda function via Internet.  YES all the apps on your phone are via Internet.  Do you know much about Internet Security?  I wanted to teach a course on Internet Security at my expense and even had the course written out.  Some elders in Mbale told me that I had nothing to teach their people (my people).  So go ahead and pay big money to learn about Internet Security and Internet applications.  I lost nothing but saved a lot of cash from not renting those computer shops and paying the instructors who had prepared the lessons.

You will wake up one day.  I have been told that even Jesus was killed by His own people.  In Mbale / Bugisu, I wanted to give knowledge but some considered me an enemy.  Great thing I needed nothing from them.  How are you all now doing with your poverty, unemployment, no salaries, landslides, stolen money, no medicine or water in your hospitals and a pile of youth who show the whole world that Bugisu is full of idiots?

Those who watched The Prince Of Egypt will remember that scene where Moses asks his mother "why me?".  The Mother replied "when the gods send you a gift, you do not ask why it was so".  Something like that anyway.  Whenever you meet anyone who seems to be unreal to you, instead of asking why, say thanks

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