Tuesday, March 24, 2015


When I as in primary school in Namugongo, people referred to me as Munamawanga, which translates into a condescending term meaning uncivilized because you are not a Muganda.  Recently one of my friends in Germany used the same word and I was floored.  There is much worse though.  People from North Uganda were called Anyanya (which is also a very condescending term).  I hope our friends and enemies can understand the pain it causes us when we are called condescending names.  Our country #Uganda is far too small for us to have such divisions.  I will admit that I only speak Luganda and Lugisu but to call me un civilized when your own people are still lacking so much, that was something.  Most of my friends and family from Northern Uganda are not uncivilized.  In fact they are the key people for Uganda as you can see by how much effort is being made to win them over.  We knew how to farm, write, herd and run businesses way before some of you.  STOP insulting my people.

My brain challengers are from every part of Uganda.  Mostly from Gulu area, Mbale, Jinja, Kampala, Mbarara, Kigezi, Kabalale, Hoima.  Wait right there, did I just mention the key cities?  You see why you must never put up silly FB posts calling people banamawanga or anyanya? Because we also have names for you.  We just do not say them.

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