Saturday, March 21, 2015


The world markets are stabilizing now.  Mostly because hiking of interest rates is off the hook.  Well, the key lenders or borrowers are holding off for a while.  Oil is still suffering like you have no idea. However, you would be making a big mistake to write Oil off.  The big companies are diversified and only the small ones are hurting big time.  WAIT, even the big ones are hurting.  I have a conflict of interest with oil so I cannot comment anymore on this one.  It is crucial that you understand that my opinions on social media are mine and mine alone and never reflect on my employers or any organisations I am associated with.

Politically, Netanyahu won at the last minute by promising the die hards that he will never allow Palestine to have  State of their own.  If some of you read through his speeches over the last few decades, you would know why Jesus was murdered.  YES, I just said it.  I love Israel because of their innovation in Medicine.  I also love Netanyahu because he is a very brilliant man.  God give peace to his brother who was murdered in Uganda during the 90 minutes at Entebbe.  Netanyahu and Sharon were very young captains in the army and they did a very impressive job of getting all their people out (except... 14,14,14,14).  I fail to understand him sometimes though.  You would think that if you are chased and hated you want the same for other people.  I think  this is all messed up anyway.  The State of Israel should really have been set up in #Uganda as originally suggested.

USA -- S&P 500 - 2,108.10 Up 18.83(0.90%)
USA -- Dow Jones Industrial Average 18,127.65 Up 168.62 == ya hate Obama????
USA -- NASDAQ 5,026.42 Up 34.04(0.68%)
UK --  FTSE 100 7,022.51 Up 60.19 (0.86%)
Germany  -- 12,039.37 Up 139.97(1.18%)
France -- 5,087.49 Up 50.31(1.00%)

I hardly ever report on Asia.  I do watch Asia though.

The markets are basing so be very careful shorting this market.  I was warning people for some 8 months not to short this market.  A short squeeze is a nightmare for any investor, trader or planner.  DO not short this market.  Now, it looks like there are some opportunities to go long.  I would personally sit on the side line.  Going long looks great in anything and in fact technology is now happening.  Take a step back and think.  Have you seen the Geo-Political things which are going on?  What looks great today might crash tomorrow because some of you refuse to read global affairs. YES, reading global and current affairs is crucial to your investments.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda
I am not an investment analyst, planner or adviser.  I write for fun.

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