Saturday, March 21, 2015


I would like to thank all the friends who have warned me about my life.  The truth is I will never go into politics.  So I do post and share about politics of Uganda and oh yes, I write about Uganda and that is it.

I have been warned many times by many people about how I would die like Nebanda.  May God grant her soul eternal peace.  There is a very big difference.  That woman put her life on the line in Uganda and was in parliament.  I will never be in parliament.  She also did all her work (short lived and oh heaven, she could have done so much more but apparently God only takes the angels) in Uganda.  I am virtual.  I am the kind that meets our premier in a lunch market and says my mind.  I am also the kind that meets our prime minister (Canada's ruler) and speaks my mind.  AND not once have I ever been arrested.  In fact, in Canada, the ruling parties love to hear the voices of the people so that they can know which issues to address.  Our leaders never travel in convoys.  Yes some security is needed sometimes just in case people like me get to be a large crowd. When Shawn Graham was the leader of our province, I ran into that man so many times, usually at lunch and I never saw any guards or guns.  We love Sambosa and it was always that place in Saint John Market where he went for lunch and I had meetings there.

The last time I saw Stephen Harper was at the Delta Beausejour hotel in Moncton (some business thing) and the city was not locked down because the main man was in town.

So pray tell me, why is it that you people shut off entire roads and even cities just because your leaders are coming through?  We pay very high taxes and we do that to supplement your convoys?  You make no sense at all.  I do not understand why you think this is normal.  Do you even know that anytime you announce your convoy coming through you actually endanger your life.  Please, move with no noise or publicity or else your enemies will come after you.

You think I am wrong to say the above, then you are not reading or watching enough shows.  Yeah, I said it.
You also hire people to post on social media about all your whereabouts.  What are you thinking?

For God and My Country
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Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
BELIEVE! I wept because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet." Ancient Persian saying  I am a Social Justice and Human Rights Activist. Find me on Face Book.  All my opinions are mine and do not reflect on any employer or organisation. 
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