Monday, March 23, 2015

NRM Revolution is eating its own eggs and offsprings

Martin Munialo 

In my book'ONCE UPON A NATION' I Write about a revolution and I say ' a revolution is like a tree. At tender stage it feeds on the rot and weaknesses of the adversary; the fallen off springs and eggs of the adversary provide manure to make the revolution look dearly appealing and becomes tender. A green appearance that pleases and interests most eyes and ears. But when the chaff of the fallen adversary is exhausted, for the Revolution to remain relevant, it should create its own manure by shading leaves, dropping some fruits, providing shelter and take some dung or animal droppings for nutrition. So to say the truth, there comes a time when a revolution MUST eat its own eggs, off springs and anything around it to survive'. What happened is not a phenomenon. NRM Revolution is eating its own eggs and off springs may be.

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