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Hallelujah Praise the Good Lord!  You are prepared of course after inviting them in.  You mean you did not invite them in?  How about killing their clerics, making some 6 vanish with no trace, arresting multitudes, charging or detaining them past the 48hrs of the constitution (which you bastardized several times mind you) and then shutting down their schools claiming there are terrorists in your country?  Aha, then last week you said Al Qaeda is after Museveni.  Who is your PR adviser, fire them and give me that job by the way!!!  Wapi - you are persecuting the Islamic community and you will regret the price you will pay. No money will save you this time.  #Ugandans have always lived in peace ensemble no matter what religion, even the demon worshipers.  So you go after our brothers and sisters who are Islamic and accuse them of being terrorists and then you issue an alert.  Ohalala.  SURE, go ahead, try to label anyone with a voice as a terrorist.  BIG, HUGE mistake.  One day you will remember my words. You might also want to remember that far too many Ugandans are used to tear gas now, far too many go without food and medicine and there is a high level of unemployment.  When you have nothing to lose and you are hungry and angry, then hey, who knows.  But when you have nothing to lose and possibly so much to gain, you can also take to the streets.  You would be a fool to think this is inciting.  I am just telling you what you are doing to your own people in your own country.  I am not even in #Uganda but it does not take an astronaut to see what you are doing and the possible results.  History is a powerful thing.. read about what has happened whenever an entire population in a country was marginalized and made to live in fear and in hunger and anger.  Good luck charlie.  Many hold their peace and do not tell you some things.  I have no axe to grind.  I am voting for Justin Trudeau.  Deal with your people and their wrath.

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Uganda Police Force has confirmed the possibility of a terror strike in the country but quickly maintained that, “there is no cause for panic or fear” as the extremists will be “defeated.”

While the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura stresses that Ugandans must remain vigilant especially in “vulnerable places such as hotels, malls, markets and parks in the city,” he goes ahead to assure the public that “police together with sister security agencies, have taken measures to ensure the security and safety of the city and the country against this, and other terror plans.”

Kayihura statement appears aimed at dealing with the panic and fear triggered by travel advisories issued by U.S. and UK Embassies in Kampala, saying western interests were being targeted by terrorists.

The U.S Embassy in Kampala on Wednesday said in a statement that it had has received “information of possible terrorist threats to locations where Westerners, including U.S. citizens, congregate in Kampala, and that an attack may take place soon.”

The Mission further said, “Out of an abundance of caution, the U.S. Mission has cancelled some non-essential events scheduled at local hotels in the coming days” and that “U.S. citizens staying or visiting hotels should expect increased security sweeps and delays when entering or exiting hotel areas.”

It also urged all U.S. citizens “to review your personal security plans; remain aware of your surroundings, including local events; and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security such as varying your daily routines and avoiding crowded locations.”

Uganda Tourism Board officials, in a bid to downplay the impact of the travel alert by U.S. and UK, rushed to the media on Thursday, saying Uganda is well protected and that there is no cause for alarm.

“After consultations with our competent security institutions, we wish to categorically refute this negative travel advisory,” said UTB in a statement, adding, “Uganda continues to enjoy peace and tranquillity from border to border.”

Kayihura today said the “recent successes we achieved against terrorism and violent criminality in Eastern Uganda in the last three months” are evidence that police can defeat acts of extremism.

He said the public should “cooperate with security agencies by being vigilant and looking for any suspicious individuals including women/girls, individuals putting on overcoats when it is no cold or appearing to be hiding something or suspicious subjects and reporting them to police or nearest local authority.

He concluded: “I have no doubt that with vigilance of the public and the time-tested effectiveness of our security forces we shall once again defeat even this latest, desperate attempt by evil forces to disturb the peace, security and the undoubted strides in socio-economic development of our people and our country.”

Al Shabaab terrorists struck Kampala in 2010, killing at least 79 people. Since then police have been training and equipping counter terrorism squads in preparation for any eventuality.

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