Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Mugisha Muntu, please fire your policy advisers.  Also fire your PR team.  Naturally, hire me to replace them all.  I cannot believe you just landed in national media #Uganda saying this.  Do you know what you just did?  BUT then again, I have watched my words being twisted by the media so I do not think you meant this at all.  Did you look at the stats of that survey and who paid for it and then to insult our people and say we are naturally laid back.. how can we be laid back when we are hungry and sick and lack a voice?  WAIT WAIT, I guess that is how one lays back.  When you take away hope and people live in despair with nothing to look forward to or even enforce them to live in fear daily and enjoy their sleep.  Let me enjoy my sleep too.  There is no way you would have said this sanely.  Your are much too brilliant to say such things in the media.  New Vision, government owned and you said that to them. Let me shake my head a bit.

By Nicholas Wassajja THE opposition’s Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Mugisha Muntu has justified the recent survey indicting that Ugandans agree the country is headed in the right direction arguing that this is because of they are passive in nature. He said 69% approve of the direction because society is largely influenced by information from authorities yet Ugandans get easily contented with what they have, they couldn’t have responded any better than they did.   “It’s prudent to know what people think and I respect that survey, but the bigger picture is that our people are thinking contrary to reality because government has managed to shape their minds into comparing the past with the present than the future,” Muntu explained. Last week a report was released showing that 69% of Ugandans agreed the country was headed in the right direction, while only 29% said it isn't going in the right direction and 3% said they don’t know. The survey carried out by the International Republican Institute from 4th to 23rd of December 2014 also   showed that 80% said President Museveni is responsible, 67% government, 45% said it is the people of Uganda, 20% NRM, 7% the army, 6% said international organizations, and 5% attributed it to the church. Muntu said that well as it is true that during the 1960s-1980s, basic needs were scarce which is not the case today, if Ugandans knew that 30 years down the road they could be doing much better than just basic needs, then the results of the survey would have been a sharp contrast. He added that, “all we are contesting is for the NRM to change the political culture from misrepresentation  and manipulation, then you will see that even the right direction question would be like the corruption survey.”     The survey in assessing government’s performance in fighting corruption, 69% said government is doing badly in the area. The FDC stalwart revealed that, “as a party with an agenda to change this country, instead of disputing the survey, we are going to break it down and look at it in depth to find solutions on how to help our people with a mind-set of easy contentedness.” Muntu called upon the media to help them reshape people’s mind-sets on the direction of the country saying that Uganda will go to the dogs if citizens keep thinking in the same way.

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