Sunday, March 29, 2015


I have not been living at home in Uganda for a while.  I was just checking in on our progress and what we now have for our people.  So let us start with some land marks which were sold:

Uganda Commercial Bank - tick
Uganda Airlines - tick
Uganda Posts and Telecom - tick
Mabira Forest - maybe tick
Queen Elizabeth National Park - maybe tick
Mt. Elgon - maybe tick
Uganda Crested Towers - tick
Uganda Nakivubo Stadium - soon tick
NSWC - maybe tick
Nytil - maybe tick
The Nile - ???
Lake Albert - maybe tick?
Lake Kyoga -- maybe tick?
Dairy Corp-tick
Uganda Coffee marketing Board UCMB - tich
Uganda cotton and lint factory - tick
Uganda ports and harbours - tick
Lake victoria  - tick
Nile hotel - tick
Uganda Tobacco factory - tick
Uganda tea factory - tick
Nytil Jinja  - tick
Kilembe mines - tick
Tororo lime and cement factory - tick 
Entebbe airport  - tick and gone to The President of the UN assembly Mr Sam Kuteesa. 
Uganda police  - compromised and about to be sold. 
Uganda army  - tick except UPDF that is now used to fight tribal wars in Somalia and South Sudan
Mabira forest and many others forests - tick.
Kinyara Sugar Works - tick 

I am missing some land marks... Come on people, help me here.  I am not at home so I need your help to compile what belongs to Uganda and what does not belong to Uganda.  This is crucial as we need to know what we possess.   Thanks a lot.

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