Friday, February 27, 2015


May God uphold thee.
Even people who go onto google now days nolonger ask for why/What but how?
Imagine mbu how to go to go to America without avisa?
How to make president M7 collapse? How to get white lady minus putting there money? How do i benefit from abc?, just questions of how?
But we attribute all this to colonisation. If we were not colonised, we could be better. Thats why, never bother yourself answering to awhite man, just say "yah".
Hey, i swear i told you i met amusician called Desire, she was at Justice treating her hair, hidden inside adryer, i asked how about her career, she told me she started in aschool choir, later she joined the church choir, after because her voice was clear, then she fell in love with aman called Seya, former kampala's Lordmayor, he cared for her like ateddyboir, kumbe one of them was aplayer,
so what i did was to ask Desire, that what did you want from the mayor, she replied nawe tonkoya, i just wanted his wire.
If you want to suffer in Kampala become aLordmayor, especially when your serving taxi payers. Lolestest. Anti its a Friday
-------------By Emmah Malemo ---------

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