Thursday, February 26, 2015


What I fail to understand about #Uganda is my people need jobs, they need scholarships, they need education, some need immigration.  I have written so much about these things and share so frequently and yet so many still ask me, "can you help me and connect me".  People, this is your life.  You have to help yourself.  I have had so many people tell me that Canadian schools do not offer their programs.  Impossible (I know they did not read).  I have had others tell me UWC schools only want females (impossible, they did not read) or ridiculous things like how about "I send you my information and you apply for the visa for me"  OR "since you know so much about education, why do you not apply for the scholarship for me".  ENOUGH.  Eventually you will turn away anyone and everyone who is willing to get you information to help yourself.  Start Reading, it is great for you.  Read like your life depends on it.  BECAUSE IT DOES.   If you really cared to help yourself, you would find out that the information on the link below, I have shared it so many times I forget the count.  The education links are all there.  Immigration, practically everything including some links for jobs.  I only combined all the links in this one last month because I thought it would make it easier for people to just go to one source.  Oh yeah, but it is not enough.  Now I have to do one on one sessions with people.  Are you out of your mind?  On the other hand, does your father own an oil field?  Do you have a private jet?  Do you have access to your own army? Have you a lot of minerals?  Then do get hold of me. Well it is not like you can afford an immigration consultant if you do not have those things and I am not an immigration consultant but will put you in touch with some good ones.  Stop the laziness.

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