Monday, February 16, 2015

Pigs in the City - Unemployed Youth in #Uganda Have Done it Again

Today, the youth released 3 pigs on Kampala Road.  Instead of telling you the entire story, see below for today's article from The Monitor news paper.  This is the third time the pigs show up.  We are going for accountability.  We are missing 8 pigs in total.

Business paralysed as jobless youth abandon pigs on Kampala road


Security officers carry away the three piglets which were abandoned along Kampala road on Monday. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa 
By Abubaker Lubowa

Posted  Monday, February 16  2015 at  15:08
Business was on Monday afternoon shortly paralysed along Kampala Road, Opposite Uganda House after three yellow painted piglets were found abandoned on the road by activists believed to be members of the Jobless Brotherhood.
Witnesses told Daily Monitor that the piglets had been brought in a box by a bodaboda(motor cycle) rider who abandoned them there.
The piglets had tags hang around their necks with words which read,” You have the money and the army for 30 years. We have no jobs in corrupt regime!!”
In a statement found with the abandoned piglets, the activists claim they are tired of what they call the exploitative regime characterised with helplessness, crime, sickness, poverty, corruption, unrealistic laws, among others.
“....We have done all what it takes to find jobs, wealth and dignity in our country but all in vain. We have screamed to alert the authority about our fate and that of our children and we have received imprisonment and insults for an answer….. With our taxes and good will, they reside in palaces, feed on our souls. They are expensively protected by violent guards and unrealistic laws as we rot in the abysses of manipulation like grasshoppers to conspire against ourselves as if alone we become part of their evil rich and power hungry cult,” read part of the statement.

However, police was called in after about 30 minutes and they took the piglets to Central Police station where they are currently being held.
Since the beginning of last year, unemployed youth have been engaged in a series of activities in a bid to attract the attention of the government to check what they have often termed as rampant corruption, biting poverty and the ever increasing youth unemployment levels.
A similar incident happened on June 17 last year when two youth; Mr Robert Mayanja and Mr Norman Tumuhimbise smuggled two yellow painted pigs into the premises of parliament. They were arrested and later charged with three counts, which include interrupting Parliament activities and criminal trespass. The case was however dismissed for want of prosecution. This was followed by a series of demonstrations. On several occasion, they have been confronted by police, arrested, detained and charged in courts of law.
Youth unemployment in Uganda is the highest in Africa. A recent study, ’Lost Opportunity ? Gaps in youth policy and programming in Uganda,’ published by ActionAid, put youth unemployment at 62%, although the African Development Bank says it could be as high as 83%.
Uganda has the world's largest percentage of young people (78%) under the age of 30 according to the to the 2012 Statement of Uganda Population report by the UN Population Fund.

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