Monday, February 23, 2015


I was working with a friend on an article (friend is in Mbarara, hey I have friends believe it or not).  Many people were leaving JPAM camp to join NRM..mbu JPAM is too quiet and people need their cash flow.  Now, tell me how quiet is not dangerous?

One time I came from school and one of the relatives who lived with us was mad at me for something I did not even know.  I think it was because I was cute, she used to pinch my cheeks a lot.  She gave my food to the ducks.  So I climbed in my mango tree. No one could get me out of that tree except bad mommie.  Bad mommie was in P6 at that time.  She would come home and get told that I was not coming down from the tree.  I used to go to the highest branch.  Because I was malnourished and very tiny.  So she would come and tell me "Leah, come down this tree right now because I have to wash you".  I would always come down the tree and get scrabbed really good.  This one day, she thought something was wrong.  So I told her that my food had been given to the ducks by someone.  She said nothing.  Next thing I know, she goes inside the compound and smacks that person onto the ground and gives her the beating of her life.  It was like that girl had been reading Napoleon.  Never mind, she is into the sciences.  Then my sister ran all the way to the post office and called mzee in Nairobi (hey, we are telecom kids).  The next day, arrangements were made for me to go a boarding school (Namugongo) where I could be assured of 3 meals a day without my sister having to beat the crap out of the people who were not feeding me.  BEWARE OF QUIET PEOPLE.

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