Friday, February 27, 2015


President Museveni has called on leaders in particular and wananchi in general to differentiate between development and wealth. Addressing a public rally this week in Mubende Municipality, He told the rally that the NRM Government has built good roads, hospitals, schools, among others, as part of its commitment towards the development of the people. He said that it was useless to have all the facilities when the people were poor. Museveni said that the Government was fully committed to promoting household income and urged wananchi not to use the excuse of bad roads for not generating household income. He called on them to stop practicing traditional agricultural methods and embark on commercial agriculture. He strongly criticized people who fragment land thereby rendering it uneconomic. The President said that the best method towards maximizing returns from their pieces of land was to divide the income generated from therein and stop the archaic practice of land fragmentation. He informed the people that the NRM Government was committed to promoting household income through the services of UPDF Officers. He introduced the UPDF Officers in charge of promoting household income programme and assured them that the soldiers had demonstrated good performance of the Veterans’ agricultural programme. Mr. Museveni toured the premises of Bagezza SACCO in Mubende Municipality to monitor the progress of the facility which houses a fully-fledged banking facility. He was impressed by the progress in the management of the SACCO. The President also commissioned a block of 12 classrooms and a library at the Church of Uganda founded Kasenyi Secondary School. He called on the students to concentrate on their studies and strive to take care of their health. He pledged a contribution of Shs. 165million towards the purchase of a school bus. The President also toured the construction of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church where pledged a donation of Shs.200million towards the completion of the Church Construction project. The Parish Priest of Mubende Parish, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Mwerikande, conducted the President on the tour of the Church. He called on the people of Mubende Town to grow mushrooms, practice weaving and baking and assured them of Government commitment to assist them in those ventures. President Museveni informed the gathering that the Mubende – Kiyuni- Kakumiro- Kibaale –Kagadi road would be constructed.

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