Wednesday, February 11, 2015


HOW CRUEL! AT 47yrs of age, I remember all Ugandans would usually have their own land to till and no one at this age would be renting from them a little piece of land. What have you people done to my country? May his soul rest in peace and we know who will walk scot free. You have disseminated violence and justice in your own hands you forget that it will get you any time OR get any of your family or friends. You celebrate Mob justice. You celebrate violence on other human beings. Your own leaders kill and walk free. You sanction death as if it were nothing. Do your remember when your own police said if you catch a thief, just kill them yourselves? Do you remember going all over FB saying you wanted a chance to kill gay people. YOU FAIL TO RELEASE THAT YOU ARE RAISING A GENERATION OF MURDERERS because you have failed to teach compassion and love to your own children. These children will kill you. You see, some are even killing their parents over land. Recently a young man killed his own brother over sh. 40 million. Do you not see that everything is interconnected and there is a big price to be paid? Were your justice system to be a functioning one, do you think this man would have beat another to death? Well, some dude beat his shepherd to death, dragged him through the mud, killed him while the entire community watched and did nothing. Another one beat up his employee to death in front of all the others to teach them a lesson and they did nothing. WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE. I hope you enjoy it. Any time you sanction violence or injustice on another, you are next.
Police at Ntusi in Sembabule district are holding a man for beating his tenant to death for burning his farm land.
The suspect, a resident of Ntusi in Sembabule district has been arrested for reportedly beating Didasi Munobi, 47, to death for starting a fire that spread and burnt his pasture land.
It all started on Monday when Munobi decided to burn maize cobs in his garden in preparation for the coming planting season and the fire accidentally spread, burning his landlord’s farm. The deceased had hired the piece of land to grow maize.
When the landlord learnt of the incident, he got angry and allegedly attacked the deceased whom he hit with a stick on the head, causing his death.
The Southern Region Police Spokesperson Noah Sserunjoji confirmed the incident and said Police had arrested the suspect to help them with investigations.
Mr Sserunjoji says police have recovered Munobi’s body and the stick which was used to hit him to death. The body was been taken to Ntuusi health center IV for postmortem as investigation into the matter continue.
Mr Sserunjoji, however, condemned the incident saying the suspect should have reported the matter to the local authorities or police instead of taking the law into his own hands.
Opening remarks by 
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)

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