Thursday, February 26, 2015


A gentleman dies and goes to heaven.  When he reaches the gate, St. Peter looks at his record and refuses to open the pearly gates for him.  Poor man begs and says he was a good person on earth and there must be a mistake. St. Peter is so sure he tells dude to go to hell.  Dude goes to hell.  Three days later, something is bothering St. Peter so he decides to go to hell and check on the most recent man he sent there.  Lucifer answers the knock only to find out that St. Peter has come to check on this most recent guest.  Lucifer says "oh he is doing so well.  Since he got here, we have air conditioning, elevators and microwaves. No idea what this engineer will do the more time he spends here".  St. Peter replies "oh, I made a mistake.  That man belongs to heaven, not hell. Give me my man back".  Lucifer replies "no way, I ain't giving you this one back".  St. Peter gets furious and says "If you do not give me that engineer for heaven, I will sue".  Lucifer replies "And exactly where will you find a good lawyer".

----- Original not written by me, no idea where I got it----

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