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This is in follow up to a piece I wrote earlier this month warning #Ugandan youth of their willingness to jump at any offer which promises them money or a chance to go abroad.  All my information was stolen from my Face Book profile and used to create fake accounts to lure people into my life.  You make a very big mistake when you do not use your brain and you let yourselves be decieved just because of the desperate poverty we face in Uganda.  There are other ways to earn a living. For example for 15 months, my team spent a lot of time calling out to Ugandans to work with us to start small projects.  Our team was giving the start up capital for free and we were providing the business advice too. The youth mocked us and made a habit of abusing my husband and I all over Face Book for giving too little an amount, it was sh. 50,000 sent mobile money, then we went to sh. 100,000 but people said it was not enough for anything.  Well, you can now go and ask the ones who took it seriously.  Non, we are no longer giving away money.  We are however providing Business Consulting (free) as long as you have your own money.  Any amount is fine but you should try to have sh. 200,000.  Now, here are some of the reasons why you must avoid internet scams. How can you even think that a person you do not know will take you to Canada.  We could fly to Canada via Beijing or Hong Kong with me claiming that I have some business there. 

1) You can get murdered.  Your internal organs are worth a lot of money.  Kidneys, lungs, liver and heart are worth a lot of money.  Even the eyes are worth money for transplant for people who have need vision.
2) You can end up being a domestic servant with no pay or very little pay, being beaten up, raped and treated as horribly as some stories you read about and I have even posted some of those stories.
3) You could end up in the porn industry and this even was in your own media, the university graduates were only taken as far as Nairobi and had to do all sorts of things with guns pointed at them and they were also given drugs to make them perform. 
4) You could end up being someone's sex slave.  With no legal papers, locked up in a house for days, months even years and then disposed of when they are done with you.  Yes, in like killed.
5) This scenario should not shock you. Imagine I arrange for you to fly out of Entebbe being as desperate as you are acting.  I tell my contacts to give you brand new suitcases and buy you everything.  Take you to the airport, drop you off,  I am in Guangzhou on business so you are flying to meet me.  The bags are already lined with dope.  Entebbe people, we bribe and get through. Transit in Hong Kong, it is one of the busiest airports in the world so you might get through.  Arrival in Guangzhou, you get through I kiss you give you some money and then send you back home and tell you to return in a few weeks. Same thing happens..third time you get busted.  I hear you are busted, I am out of that country like a flash.  Then see below what happens:

--------------------------The Monitor, July 2, 2014---------------------
China executes Ugandans over drugs
Chinese authorities have executed two Ugandans convicted of trafficking narcotics, the Foreign Affairs ministry has announced.
Ministry spokesperson Fred Opolot yesterday identified the convicts as Omar Ddamulira and Ham Andrew Ngobi.

“Ddamulira was executed on May 21, 2014 while Ngobi was killed last week (June 24),” he said. “Their bodies were cremated but we have initiated talks with the Chinese government to return the ashes to their families.”

Mr Opolot said the two men’s families were allowed to talk to them on phone before they were executed.  
By June 2012, Uganda’s embassy in China had compiled a list of 23 Ugandans who had been sent on death row in China over drug trafficking while another 22 were serving life in jail over similar offences.

---------------------------- The New Vision, Sept 6, 2014------------------------
These Ugandans are to be executed next as communicated by the Interpol Representative for Uganda
Joseph Kiberu Mulindwa, Sara Basima, Alex Kayiwa, Benjamin Bisuka, Derrick Kiryowa, Willy Musoke, Ambrose Tsimi, Scovia Nakintu, John Luke Wasonye, Peter Wamoka and Geoffrey Ogwal.

      ....a number of people serving long prison sentences in China, Japan and Kenya.
These include Paulo Kato serving life in prison in China, Noah Sekabira jailed for 14 years in Japan and Fred Kerry Kiggundu who is serving 12 years in Japan for trafficking drugs.
Another Ugandan, Julian Kiconco, was sentenced to nine years imprisonment in neighbouring Kenya, while Faith Okai is still battling her case in court in China, according to Kasingye.
He said the Interpol were hunting for two suspected Nigerian drug barons believed to have lured some of the Ugandans into drug trafficking which landed them in trouble abroad.
The Nigerian suspects were identified as Arthur Martin Omenaudo and Tony Ugochucwu.

---------------------------- The Monitor July 7, 2014------------------------------

The list of Ugandans on death row includes the following:
1. George Bosco Tugumisirize, sentenced on October 16, 2012
2. Robert Baluku sentenced on Dec 13, 2012
3. Alfred Ssempewo sentenced on Feb 21, 2011.
4. Bako Maria Piara, sentenced on July, 5, 2010
5. Robinah Nakato- sentenced on March 10, 2011
6. Sandra Nalumansi sentenced on April 15, 2011
7. Josephine Mulimbi Kaczorowski sentenced on June 10, 2011
 23 Ugandans serving life imprisonment
1. Jimmy Sendigya Kaboba jailed on December 21, 2011
2. Yasin Mahamood Bukenya jailed on December 22, 2011
3. Faridu Kalema jailed on April, 29, 2011
4. Tadoo Kirwana jailed on April 21, 2009.
5. Felix Robert Nsubuga Kabatoro jailed on May, 9 2012
6. William Nsubuga, jailed on Dec 21, 2011
7. Peter Bogere jailed on August 27, 2009.
8. Reagan Ssekajja jailed on Nov 17, 2009
9. Anthony Kalule jailed on Nov 19, 2009
10. Joseph Mulindwa Mukasa jailed on November 19, 2009
11. Isaac Jaggwe jailed on Oct 25, 2010.
12. Bonitor Naggayi jailed on Dec 12, 2008
13. Jean Ndawula Kirunda jailed on March 13, 2009
14. Lucy Awor Ocen jailed on April, 17, 2009
15. Annet Namisango jailed on May 20, 2009.
16. Habiba Musa jailed on May 20, 2009
17. Nalukwago Nambi jailed on Aug 13, 2009
18. Lillian Deborah Nakungu jailed on December 22, 2009
19. Gertrude Ndagire jailed on Oct 20, 2009
20. Sera Musoke jailed on March 11 20011
21. Stella Sewagaba jailed on Nov 11, 2011
22. Alex Nanyange jailed on Nov 11, 2011
23. Hindu Nantamu jailed on Dec 7, 201111 Ugandans serving sentences1. Christine Nalubwama sentenced on May 15, 2008 is left with 6 years and 11 months.
2. Lucky Bako sentenced on April 17, 2009 is left with 17 years and nine months
3. Sarah Nakayiza sentenced on December 24, 2009, is left with 18 years.
4. Aminsi Maliro sentenced on December 21, 2011 is left with 12 years
5. Jason Mukiibi sentenced on September 3, 2007 is left with 17 years.
6. Val Musa Kisa sentenced on June,2 2008 is left with 15 years and three months
7. Ausi Muyibwa sentenced on June, 2, 2008 is left with 16 and a half years.
8. Nassur Salim sentenced on June 3, 2008, is left with 16 and a half years
9. Ssaalongo Ibraimu Kaweesa sentenced on June 3, 2008 is left with 15 years and two months
10. David Maria sentenced on May,6 2010 is left with 17 years and two months
11. Ayub Bisaso sentenced on June, 30, 2010, is left with 17 years and two months

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)

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