Saturday, February 21, 2015


One day this month, a man I had never met told me to pull down 3 articles from my posts.  They were from the media in Uganda (Monitor, Chimp and New Vision).  He even reported them to face book but you all know I only share what is already published.  The only way to stop that is to close down the dailies.  I refused to pull them down and face book did not take down my posts. I am diligent to always include the original source.  So Lubowa Hassan posted that he would make me suffer for it if I blocked him. Which I did naturally.  However, all my information and my pictures is available online.  He set up a fake account and slammed dating sites saying I was looking for sex.

This is where IT and Social Media experience comes in.  Since that day Feb 6, 2015, I have made more friends than ever before without even trying.  He is so intelligent and did not realise  that sex sales.  Come on people, he used my pictures and I am cute in my own way. I know for a fact that he is a low paid NRM intimidator and he is going to pay.  I am now popular because of one low paid spy thinking that telling people that I was looking for sex was going to tarnish me. AND exactly why would I even do that when I a m very happily married with kids?  My information and messages are consistent no matter where you try to search for me.  Many people who fell victim to the fake account checked me out and knew there was something wrong.  The ones who did not bother and hit on me became my friends because I educate.

In any case, cyber bullying in #Uganda is now a crime.  Someone is going down and it will not be me.  I share the news for Ugandans to access it freely as we have to eat and pay our medical costs.  I have never had an account which directs you to contact another account for communication.  I am the real thing.  You contact me where I am, not via being directed via another account.  I write a lot about people avoiding scams.  Keep an eye on what I write and it could save your life. Today was the first time that one brother asked me about the NRM factor.  It is rather simple. NRM uses idiots to spy on FB. I would fire 99% of them because they do a lousy job.  How do you go and try to tarnish someone using sex when sex sells?

Lubowa Hassan gave everyone my mobile.  So my whatsao and viber have been crazy.  I then point everyone onto my main FB page so that they can read news, education, employment, immigration, etc..

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)

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