Friday, February 27, 2015

Chief Inspector of Police Closes Down a Muslem School in #Uganda

One day you will remember my words.  It is underhanded for the police to close a religious school.  Given all the turmoil in the world around Muslims.

Schools are being closed and demolished in Uganda daily.  With the Muslim factor,  you just invited in extremists.  I hope you are ready for the blood bath.

Uganda has always had all the religions in peace.  You think the Muslims do not mourn for their clerics who have been gunned down?  Then you accuse them of  being affiliated with Al Qaeda.  Are you insane?

Many of us grew up with Muslims in Uganda.  In fact I learned to write Arabic before learning how to write English numerals.  You have indeed set up a situation for a caliphate.  For many years you have taken money from the west to keep away terrorists.  Now with your 10 million unemployed youth whom you constantly accuse of being terrorist affiliated, you are done for.  Enjoy the after math.

The only thing is Uganda for sure will never become a blood bath.  Stop murdering our clerics.  You closed one school down and do not even think of closing another one because then you will see the anger of the people come straight force into your faces.

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Bugiri- The Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, has closed down a school owned by the Salafi Muslim sect.
Police said they recovered three guns which were buried under the school premises.
Gen Kayihura, who closed the school on Thursday, was accompanied by the Director of Criminal Investigations and Intelligence, Ms Grace Akullo and the Bugiri Resident District Commissioner, Ms Margret Mwanamoiza.
He declared the school a “scene of crime” and police cordoned off the school premises.
“This school cannot continue operating because it’s a scene of crime and the people involved in running it are the ones involved in the entire mess,” he said.
Gen Kayihura said the school director was arrested for interrogation about the presence of the guns in the school compound.
“We understand that he also participated in digging the holes where the guns were recovered from,” Gen Kayihura said.
He said three suspects had been arrested in connection with the recent murders in Busoga sub-region.
The three suspects include the director of Umaru Ali Mukhutari Islamic Centre.
Gen Kayihura said one of the suspects admitted during interrogations that he enjoys killing.
“This man said he enjoyed pumping bullets into the chest of Sheikh Dakturi Muwaya and laughed as he shot,” Gen Kayihura said.
He added that AWCAD Charity Organisation, Uganda, that had been funding the closed school, would also be investigated for possible subversion.
The school had an enrolment of 420 pupils, mainly from Mpigi, Kampala, Buikwe and Jinja districts.
Gen Kayihura instructed the police’s Family and Child Protection Unit to take care of the stranded children who were not immediately picked by their parents after the closure of the school.
“Ensure you provide these children with food and all the other necessities until they are taken away by their parents,” he said.
All the 10 teachers at the school fled. Police said they are looking for them.

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