Thursday, January 15, 2015


With the missing people in Uganda who vanished and we have no idea where  they are; and then the horrible massacre of 2000+ people in Nigeria.  No world Power Paid Attention to this massacre and more happens daily.  Have we lost our humanity?  How many in DRC, CAR, South Sudan and the Middle East?  How about the ones who die in China for their religious beliefs (I have learned to hate religion).  Then the 20 killed in Paris for being press reporters and artists and some 40 world leaders showed up for them.

My question is what about the rest of the world?  Make no mistake, I have a blood connection to France (2 of the 4 kids are French).  Then the journalists who were assaulted in Uganda (one is still in hospital), and so many are in jail  all over Africa, ask Egypt (some Canadians too).  Have you even looked at China, North Korea and Russia?  When you finish looking at those countries, then return and look at my home country Uganda and advise how we can help my home country.  

We can no longer hide what is going on in Mexico - Never. Time is up.  The world is watching.  We cannot hide what is going on in the Middle East (yes, Islamic countries but some of my best friends are from this region).  We cannot hide what is going on in India, Pakistan and the surrounding countries in terms of no love for girls and women and those horrible industries with no safety precautions.

Africans are trying to tell the world about the suffering of our people and the world better listen now.  You ignored us when more than 2000 people were massacred in Nigeria.  We will never forget your silence. What you do in the other countries shows us if you are an enemy or a friend.  Did you know that all does not revolve around money?  Our people are suffering and dying and at one point we will hit you where it really hurts ( No idea where but all our brains could pull out).  All the companies which are doing dirty business in Africa need to ensure that they keep their money from the stock markets because all we need is a good story on you and we show it to the world.  If you are traded publicly or over the counter, we will tell your share holders how your profit was made from blood.  Go ahead and watch Blood Diamonds.

Did you even know that I am not a journalist or an investment banker or a lawyer?  I just write from the pain of my people.  Canada and other countries.  You have no right to support regimes which are murdering their people daily and you just want your profit out  -- you cannot even take that money to the grave!!!

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
 Born and Raised in Canada

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