Saturday, January 24, 2015

University of Toronto is one of the giants of Canada in terms of funding, research and scholarships

I have to be honest, the first thing I remember about this University is 2 professors telling me I was going to face the first B and C in my life.  Ohlalala.. Then they proceeded to do it.  I will never thank them enough.  When you sail through school without being told that you are lazy, you never learn to work too hard.  Sure, I had worked hard at Trent U but did not imagine that this would happen to me.  So my grad school was really 2-3hrs of sleep every day that ends in Y.  I used to cry in the shower just to release the stress.  However, please remember that UofT allows International Students to complete a Masters degree in 12mths.  The family which was paying for me, I just could not refuse the opportunity. And my father was very sick, I had to get out and get a job.  So in 12 months, you take all the courses and you do all your research and you have it approved.

Dr. Andrew Clement is one of my best teachers.  Dr. Salaff (RIP) was also a big influence.  Clement saw the lazy in me and knew some of my professors at Trent so he put me on the spot to behave.  He was my academic adviser and my Research Supervisor.  I will never thank that man enough.  He is really good at his work.  What I found interesting with him is he pays attention to each student he picks to advise.  He picked me, thank you Lord.

University of Toronto is behind most of the research you see coming out of Canada.  I worked with Dr. Clement on Privacy as it relates to Computer Technology but the University is massive and there are so many incredible programs at this place.  Robart Library, you have to spend a night there to even see it. The University is located downtown Toronto with access to everything in site.  Oh, I met wonderful wonderful people there.  Not too many as I was always in the lab or the library (well, I was doing something in 12mths intead of 2-3yrs).  Annie, Sophie, Shazard, Amy, and this dude that has written some computer module using my name.  Yeah, you can google my name and find it too.  Tim (he is wonderful).

Please consider University of Toronto for your undergrad, your grad, etc.  They take even mature students with no high school diploma as long as you are 21yrs or more. Life experiences.  They have all the collections of all the education programs you can think of.  GET this, all PhD students are fully funded.  I was only doing my Masters and I still also got paid.  Think about it.  It is your life, not mine.  Exxonmobil hired me in April.  I turned in my Research Project on Aug 31.  Started work on Sept 1st.  I graduated in November.  So you see, even the biggest company in the world (they were at that time), hires you before you even finish school.  That ought to tell you something about University of Toronto.

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama, Nangi)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)

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