Monday, January 12, 2015


You Sejusa, you are nothing.  You Mbabazi, you are nothing.  Besigye is NRM.  Museveni rules (this one I agree with0.

The people who write such things are half illiterate.  What do you know about Sejusa, Mbabazi or Besigye?  You must stop going onto an International Forum and saying things about people and you do not even provide references for anything you say.  I do not even know these gentlemen but I think you need to take a short course in APA.  Ohlalalala   Is Uganda the only country that lets imbeciles go on FaceBook and abuse people?  They abuse everyone in power.  Should you try to correct them, they will turn on you.  Apparently I am a male who lives in Uganda.  Well, I cannot blame my country, the education system sucks.  Otherwise they would find that internet button on their phones and hit google and find me.

What kind of country allows such things to happen?  We have some 10 million youth (35yrs and below, hey, do not attack me for this but apparently in Uganda, youth is 35yrs old).  So a third of the country is youth and unemployed and now we all have to suffer their boredom.  It is unfortunate that Uganda does not realise that unemployment will be a huge problem daily.  Will they arrest 10 million people and lock them away?  We do not have the jail space.  We do not even have enough safe houses to torture them to confess that they are terrorists.  AND TO KEEP ALL THIS UNKNOWN, WE NOW ARREST AND BEAT UP JOURNALISTS.  For this one, I will ensure the entire world knows.

I have done what I can in my element.. to tell you all that Uganda is going to hell if we do not stop it.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Born and Raised in Uganda

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