Monday, January 19, 2015

Ugandan News Papers are being strange

The writing on New Vision has become so bad I will be skipping most of their articles.  However, here are their headlines.  I have a problem with bad writing. OK?  If I have to shut off all of the media in Uganda, I will still get the key news.  New Vision and Monitor think they have a monopoly.  Most dailies depend on advertising to survive.  These two papers do not rely on ADs,  For one thing New Vision is government owned so there is nothing to discuss there.  The Monitor used to be independent but I have no idea what happened except the latest big story of number fudging for a poll that we did not need.  So these two dailies are really government owned.  A strong government needs a strong opposition.  I do not think that taking over media allows for a strong opposition which then allows for a strong opposition.  The world knows who owns Chimp and Red but I am not worried about those ones anyway.   If New Vision and Monitor continue at what they are doing, you will be making a mockery of Uganda.  Stop it now.

Lifestyle diseases 'kill 16 million prematurely'3 Hours Ago

Diseases linked to lifestyle choices kill 16 million people prematurely each year, the World Health Organization says.....
Kenyan police tear-gas protesting children3 Hours Ago

Police fire tear gas at children as young as eight protesting against the seizure of their school playground.....
EU to launch anti-terror drive with Muslim nations3 Hours Ago

The European Union says it will launch anti-terror projects with Muslim nations and boost intelligence sharing.....

Ongwen a victim of LRA war - former abductee17 Hours Ago
The chairman of Acholi parliamentary group Reagan Okumu has called for a truth and reconciliation commission to be established as former LRA top commander Maj. Gen. Dominic Ongwen is being tried at t...
Thugs attack 4 Sembabule villages, 6 hacked22 Hours Ago
Residents of four villages in Sembabule district are living in fear following a night raid that left at least six people hospitalised. The affected villages include: Kalububu, Lwembogo, Lukakka and K...

Suspected serial killer arrested at Ugandan border1 Day Ago
A man believed to have participated in the gruesome murder of a married couple of a remote village in Rakai district has been arrested....

UN warns of growing global inequality and joblessness 3 Hours Ago

More than 212 million people will be jobless by 2019 against the current level of 201 million, the International Labour Organization says..

UEGCL vows to bring down electricity tariffs 1 Day Ago
UEGCL vows to bring down electricity tariffsThe cost of electricity generated in Uganda will be reduced over the next three years, Dr. Stephen Isabalija, the chairman of Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd, has promised.... ..FULL STORY
From an illegal immigrant, Ssali has built a business empire in the UK
Deficit hits sh5 trillion, shilling to slide by 4%

Opening remarks by Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)

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