Monday, January 12, 2015

Uganda intimidates and Beats up Journalists - They have not learned from France

STOP ASSAULTING JOURNALISTS AND ALL THE PEOPLE WHO INFORM US.  HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED ANYTHING FROM FRANCE?  I think I am going to get rid of my journalist friends.  Heck, you people, you risk your lives for what?  #MarthaLeahCryingTearsOfShame.  Okay, if you are going to hurt the journalists, then we are all going to have to work harder.  Those mobile phones are very powerful and welcome to the Internet and Social Media.  Shame upon you.

What started as a normal working day for journalists ended up bloody as police led by Old Kampala DPC Joram Mwesigye beat up a journalist on duty.

After addressing a press conference at the JEEMA Headquarters in Mengo, a Kampala suburb on Monday, youth under the National Association of the Unemployed proceeded with a march to the office of the police Chief Gen. Kale Kayihura in a bid to inform him of their intended activities throughout the country.

“On several occasions we have written to Gen Kayihura and we got no response. This time round we are set to deliver the letter to his office,” explained the group leader Doreen Nyanjura before starting off with their journey.

As usual, journalists followed the group as they covered the procession but hell broke loose at Namirembe road when DPC Mwesigye arrested some of the youth.

Lwanga was covering protesters when Tumwesigye beat him up

Riding a cream Toyota Mark II, Mwesigye used a huge stick, beating the activists and journalists.

“I am going to shoot you if you don’t stop filming what is going on now,” charged Mwesigye before mercilessly clobbering 28-year-old WBS cameraman Andrew Lwanga.

With huge strokes raining on his head, the journalist staggered before falling as blood oozed out of his head.

At this moment, the DPC attempted to escape from the scene only to be intercepted by angry journalists who demanded he explains his actions.

Instead of organising for an ambulance to take Lwanga to a medical facility for emergency care, Mwesigye dragged his victim into a car before dumping him at the police station.

It was Kampala South police Chief James Ruhweza, who on arrival at the police station, rushed Lwanga to Mulago referral hospital.

“We had to rush him to Mulago for treatment but we condemn the brutal act by our own officer. All those involved are to be investigated and brought to book,” Ruhweza explained.

Leaders of journalist groups are expected to issue a statement soon, detailing the next course of action against the brutal police officer.

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