Saturday, January 17, 2015


I was in elementary boarding school when Idi Amin was over thrown.  One thing I remember after the liberators came to Namugongo Girls School, one lady in uniform asked for me and then told me that my father was well.  I had spent months praying for my father and mothers and siblings to be given peace in heaven.  I had no idea that Amin had sent soldiers to Nakasero to evacuate our family from that place.  We had not been long in Uganda as we had been in Nairobi before Things Fell Apart. I spent all my life in boarding schools and do not laugh about it.  But apparently, when you want to overtake a government, you seal off all communication.  Father was with Uganda Posts and Telecom.  Anyway, what I understand is 6 army jeeps with soldiers and guns drove to our place in Nakasero, loaded up the entire family and drove straight to Bududa.  Father handed a briefcase to my oldest sister (Bad Mommie) and told her that if anything happened, she would find all the information in that briefcase.  When the soldiers arrived in Bududa and the family was downloaded, our people were in pain to see our father be made to get back into one jeep.  He returned to Kampala and continued with his job.  The former Uganda Posts and Telecom Building had very tight security.  Father was watched wherever he went.  He was a simple man, a civil servant and he had no side to bend towards.  Amin ensured father was protected to the end.  Incidentally, it is Obote who had let father go and work in Kenya and Tanzania.  When the second Obote regime happened, he also put a security parameter around our family.  If you control Telecom, you control a lot.  I now half cry when people say that Museveni will get me and get me poisoned.  NEVER.  He too also knew all those take overs and who was key in Communication.  I remember 1986 when he arrived (he had been in Uganda way before that). The first buildings which were sealed were the ones with any Communication and this is normal during government take overs.  SO ALL YOU LOW PAID NRM YOUTH CAN GO HANG.  Museveni is much more intelligent than you are and you will never attain his level of thinking or calculating.

Learn to read and then read some more.  Tumbafu!!!

By Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda.

PS:  okay I was young but some things stick in your mind forever.  I know my older siblings will correct me if I made any error.  At least I have the nerve to write it.  For God and My Country.

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