Friday, January 23, 2015

The Unemployed Youth in Uganda have decided to remain in Jail where they can be fed daily

It is important that you all understand that I am not affiliated with any political party in Uganda. How could I be when I do not even have papers in Uganda. However, I was born and raised in Uganda so this is why I talk. The world must come to some agreement of some sort.  All my friends in key positions to decide giving money to Uganda  must read about our people.  UWC schools taught us these things.  We have a country with 80-95% unemployment among the youth who make up more than one third of the country.  When the youth try to register all the other unemployed ones, they are arrested and thrown into jail.  These kids need work.  They need businesses of their own.  They need a voice. This should be clear to any of you no matter how wealthy you are - the youth need jobs.  Now, registering the unemployed is a crime?  Guess what, we do not have Employment Insurance or a registry for the unemployed at all.  What I fail to understand is how so many of us can pretend that things are okay when the youth choose to remain in jail instead of getting out  == because at least they get meals daily.  Things are this bad in Uganda.  Why do you keep sending money to Uganda when so many suffer and even our president has told the world that Uganda is full of thieves.  He is so protected he does not even know who is doing this to our people.  But he is one man.  We are a strong 34-38 million people.  Please listen to our voices and our cries for help.--------------- The following article just came in from Uganda and so many are being labeled as terrorists and rebels who want to over throw the government.  This is not true at all.  We have hungry people.  We have no medicine.  We have no jobs.  Think about it. AND then imagine being arrested for talking about these things? Mama mia caramba!

Moses Atocon Atyekwo
This is preposterous for a magistrate to demand bail money from Unemployed youth, today at Nakawa magistrate court, 4 out of the 5 unemployed youth were granted a 300.000 cash bail by a magistrate called Baguma, Prince Kahemba Babi was remanded until 30th of January because his surety did not produce employment ID,yet his surety provided both National ID ,passport and NSSF card but still it was not good enough for the magistrate.
It is deplorable for the judicial system to have compromised its principles it standards for in society as 'justice and fairness'
Its disgraceful for the learned personal on the bench to keep on serving their own interest, pursuing his own agenda and completely neglect the fact that Unemployed youth has no capacity to raise bail money as a condition for release,these unemployed young people are clearly stressing the truth about their plight, due to a lack of jobs and suffering they are forced to experience, as a direct result of unemployment, for which corruption in high government places is largely to blame. to the government the crisis at hand and they deserve better treatment imprisonment is simply silencing these young people.
Instead the government should be the one at trial for prohibiting peaceful assembly its evident that the system is being used to clearly infringes on people's civil rights and liberties.
This is obviously an anti youth government, no wonder most of the governing body is a bunch of bold-headed-eagles of money prey, feeding out of the public treasury, at the expense of the nations youthful future.
The Unemployed are resolving to remain in prison cells were the state meets their basic welfare than pay for 300.000 cash bail.
Comrades I am touched with the commitments of our youth here,they are holding the brunt of the youth every week, they are not about to relent from the persecution today in a show of solidity they refused to accept to the condition of cash bail..They opted to go back to jail where govt will feed, shelter , secure and meet basic medical needs.
We can on instinctual basis can do something to prop up our youth in the field.

Opening remarks are by
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Systems Analyst (Network Infrastructure), Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
For God and My Country

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