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The Uganda Muslim Supreme Council would like the Police to investigate the deaths of the clerics

SERIOUSLY?  SHOULD THAT NOT HAVE BEEN THEIR JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE?  I SUPPOSE I WENT TO THE WRONG INTEL SCHOOL.  hahahaa, I only went to business school.  But let us think about this.  Do you not think that with the key people in the Islamic community being murdered this would not have been a priority.  Never mind, I gotta go feed the sheep which mee and do not baaa.  I am telling you, this Uganda is turning out to be more complicated than the one I was raised in.  We only had one murder on my village.  Papa Nambale.  It was awful.  Terrible.  Bududa Hospital Medics had to come and stitch him up and make him okay for the little ones to see.  Something over land or women or I do not even remember.  It was horrible.  I do not understand why Ugandans think murders are now perfectly fine.  I was scarred for life.  But imagine what you are doing to these kids now -- telling them it is okay to kill? SHAME. You are raising killers.  If I do not tell you this, others are too afraid to say it.  Stop breeding killers.  The world needs peace makers not killers.  PLEASE.

Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) has blamed police for making “selective arrests” during investigations into murders of high profile clerics in the country, calling for the involvement of other security agencies.

In a strong-worded statement released Friday after Juma prayers, UMSC said the circumstances surrounding the mysterious shootings of their top members remain complex and that the police net is too narrow to catch all the masterminds of the brutal killings.

“In our ongoing engagements with different members of the Muslim fraternity, Police is accused of witch-hunting members of the Kamoga group rather than arresting suspected criminals,” said Mubajje, in a rare attack on the law enforcement body.

“Apart from the recent murder of Shk. Mustafa Bahiga, the previous Sheikhs e.g. the late Shk. Abdul Karim Sentamu were killed when Shk. Kamoga and Shk. Dr. Haruna Jemba were under one leadership of Amiir Muhammad Yunus Kamoga.  Muslims are therefore questioning the apparent selective arrests of clerics close to Amiir Kamoga,” the statement adds.

The comments come high on the heels of a meeting attended by Kamoga, the former close associate of ADF leader Jamil Mukulu, Amiir Daula Shk. Sulaiman Kakeeto and Mubaje on Tuesday at the latter’s office at the UMSC Headquarters in Old Kampala.

Sheikh Kamoga and Sheikh Kakeeto said they were responding to the Mufti’s appeal for Muslim unity and development in Uganda.

The Mufti welcomed them and commended them for serving the Ummah in their capacities.

“I welcome you back at UMSC, your home and a home to all Muslims in Uganda,” the Mufti told the Amiirs during the meeting, repeating his call for Muslim unity and reconciliation for development.

The Mufti said focus should be put on issues like poverty alleviation, promoting education and  good health among Muslims in Uganda before thanking Sheikh Kamoga and Shk. Kakeeto for responding to his call for unity, saying; “From now on, we are together”.

Sheikh Kamoga said Muslims have lost a lot of time and opportunities due to perennial wrangles saying that enough is enough while Sheikh Kakeeto said it is high time Muslims united under UMSC headquarters at Old Kampala so that they can collectively address issues of the Ummah.

The Mufti and the Amiirs agreed to hold a special Juma Prayer for Muslim Unity which will be held at the National Mosque, UMSC Headquarters Old Kampala on January 30.

Sheikh Kamoga, the leader of Tabliq sect in Uganda was this week arrested with other five of his close associates including his wife Aisha Nasibante (31), Hakim Kinene (23), Murta Mudde Bukenya, Badru Bukenya (27), Muzamiru Kasawuli (23), Alex Okot (44), Joseph Olanya (23), Charles Okidi (28), Sheikh Fahad Kalungi (38), Arafat Sserunjoji (29) and Amir Kinene(37).

The 63-year old Sheikh and his close allied were charged with terrorism and the murder of Sheikh Suudi Bongo in Mayuge district and Mustapha Bahiga in Wakiso in December 2014.

Nakawa Grade one Magistrate Timothy Lumunye on Thursday afternoon remanded the suspects to Luzira prison until January 29.

Security agencies

The Muslim leadership now wants President Museveni to use his constitutional mandate and grant powers to External Security Organization, Internal Security Organization and Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence to play a big role in the investigations.

“We are requesting the President of Uganda His Excellency Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to issue a directive authorizing the involvement of ISO, ESO, CMI into investigations,” said UMSC.

The Muslim body also mentioned the use of money to subvert the course of investigations, urging the involvement of the Inspectorate General of Government.

“The IGG as well needs to be involved in the investigations regarding the murders of Muslim clerics. This is because there is a financial element in these issues.”

They argued that the public has more trust in ESO, ISO and CMI owing to their successful containing of the rebel group, Allied Democratic Force in 1997.

“Muslims are also not at ease with the fact that other security agencies like CMI, ESO and ISO are not seen to be involved in this issue yet according to them; the public has much trust in said organisations. These agencies did a lot in 1997 when ADF elements used to plant and throw bombs in Kampala.”

Opening Remarks by
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)

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